ESN is an video game series developed by Nintendo. 


  • ESN - Main player of the series. Like his species, he has a yellow head, red eyes, and a red shirt without any extra stuff like hands. His name is his species.
  • SEN - an evil ESN, which instead his shirt and eyes are yellow, and an red head.
  • NES - an female ESN. about to a netrual status, she still likes helping ESN...
  •  AEGM - An blue-shirted ESN.  Not much is known about him, er...
  • SISENG - Supersonic speed ESN. Her shirt is pink, and her eyes are blue.
  • ESNS - Supersonic speed, flashing colors, version of ESN.


After SEN interputted his lunch in the first game, ESN always comes back for revenge a year later or so! Trying to protect the earth, he always wins.

SEN's Clones

  • Brick ESN -This guy is only a robot and a boss in the series. He's a robot, brick-built version of ESN.
  • ESN.exe - The worst one ESN ever knows. He's ESN, dripping red from his eyes, fast, and makes the ESNs take a LOT of damage. He was only featured in ESN 1 and ESN 16-BIT MADNESS.
  • nesdude - some weird dude.
  • NONO - TOO POWERFUL TO BEAT. HAS ALL THE POWERS HE CAN. However, he is still able to be beaten.


Each level, you're running, it's kinda like a roblox obby if you think about it, So ESN starts running, you're supposed to  jump over lines, and then you are gaven roblox obby-like gameplay until you reach a star. You will win. Sometimes, as supposed to bosses after a few after ending the level, at the first part of the level, you fight a boss.

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