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I am Omega, the ultimate E-series robot!

E-123 Omega, Sonic Heroes
E-123 Omega
E-123 オメガ E-123 Omega
TSR Omega.png
E-123 Omega, as he appears in Team Sonic Racing.
SPECIES Robot / Badnik (specifically E-series)
Shadow the Hedgehog (partner)
Rouge the Bat (partner)
Dr. Eggman (creator)
E-102 Gamma (predecessor)
OCCUPATION(S) Member of Team Dark
Strength, hovering, massive arsenal
Sonic Heroes
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Sonic Forces
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Jon St. John (Sonic Heroes)
Jeff Karner (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Maddie Blaustein (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))
Vic Mignogna (2010-2019)
Aron LaPlante (2019-present)

E-123 Omega, or simply Omega, is a recurring character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, first appearing in Sonic Heroes. He was created by Dr. Eggman as the last and most powerful robot in his E-series (hence his name), only to be deactivated and sealed away to guard a suspended Shadow the Hedgehog. Furious at the doctor's mistreatment of him, and swears revenge, his ultimate goal being to destroy him and prove himself superior over all of his other creations. He is often a playable character in the series, and forms Team Dark alongside Shadow and Rouge the Bat.


Sonic Heroes

Omega teaming up with Shadow and Rouge in Sonic Heroes.

Omega first appears in Sonic Heroes, as one of the playable characters in Team Dark alongside Shadow and Rouge. In the opening cutscene for the team's campaign, Rouge, while infiltrating an abandoned base of Dr. Eggman's in search of treasure, accidentally reactivates Omega by releasing Shadow from a stasis pod. Omega began to open fire on Shadow with his machine guns, mistaking him as one of Eggman's robots, though Rouge broke up their fighting long enough to hear both sides of the story. Enraged by Eggman wasting his power, he swears revenge on the doctor. As such, he teams up with Rouge, who wants his treasure, and Shadow, who wants to learn more about his past, thus forming Team Dark.

The unlikely trio set out to find Eggman. Throughout the game, they encounter what appears to be him multiple times, though in the end it is revealed he was Metal Sonic in disguise, downloading data on Team Dark and the other heroes. This comes to a head when "Eggman" is destroyed in the Egg Emperor in Final Fortress. Deeming the doctor "eradicated", Omega then sets about destroying a room full of Shadow Androids. Rouge mentions that Shadow, the one they worked with, was an android as well, and Omega responds, with a hint of compassion, that in order for there to be clones the original must still exist.

During the Last Story, Omega and the rest of Team Dark accompany the other three teams on top of a large tower, witnessing Metal Sonic transform into Metal Overlord. The real Dr. Eggman explains that he copied the heroes' data with the power of Chaos, and they would need the seven Chaos Emeralds to stand a chance against him. Thankfully, all of the teams revealed that they collected all seven throughout their adventures. Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix all teamed up to distract Metal Overlord long enough for Team Sonic to use the Chaos Emeralds to transform into their Super states; Team Dark battled Metal Overlord from the front.

As a member of Team Dark, Omega serves as the trio's Power-type character. As such, he has the highest physical strength of the three and is most effective in combat and destroying obstacles. When he is in the lead, he is able to fire Shadow and Rouge like projectiles at enemies. He is also equipped with a large arsenal of weapons, such as machine guns and rockets, that he uses to take down enemies. During their Team Blast, Omega fires a massive laser from his arm cannons at all enemies while they're stunned thanks to Shadow's use of Chaos Control. Once he is defeated, he is transformed back into his normal form. After this, Omega picks up Metal Sonic's deactivated body; it is unknown what would become of the two later on.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Omega in Shadow the Hedgehog.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega appears in a few missions, usually supporting Shadow in a non-playable fashion. Notably, he will appear during two missions. He is first seen in Iron Jungle, where he aids Shadow in destroying the Egg Balloon to complete that level's Hero mission. Omega also assists Shadow against the boss fight following the level, Egg Breaker. He also appears in Lava Shelter, where he helps Shadow get to the center of Eggman's base, and helps destroy the Egg Dealer after.

Outside of these two missions, Omega can also be heard speaking to Shadow during Expert Mode on some occasions. In Mad Matrix, he tells Shadow to access all four terminals in the level, and serves as comic relief in Lava Shelter, interrupting Rouge. He also appears during The Last Way, wishing Shadow good luck alongside the rest of the supporting characters.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Omega plays a major role in Shadow's story in 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog. After being sent to the future by Mephiles the Dark and after finding one of the Chaos Emeralds, Shadow and Rouge find Omega in standby mode among the ruins of Crisis City. They are unable to reactivate him and leave him behind. Later, Rouge goes back to the present alone to find Omega in Tropical Jungle thanks to the assistance of G.U.N. She asks Omega to help Shadow in the future, entrusting him with the green Chaos Emerald. He complied, and went into standby mode for two centuries. The Omega in standby from the future then reactivates, and helps Shadow battle Mephiles. After defeating him, the two chase Mephiles through the present via a time warping sphere. They met up with Rouge in Soleanna and split ways, with Omega directly pursuing Mephiles.

Omega with Shadow and Rouge in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Omega locates Mephiles in Wave Ocean and manages to catch up with him. Mephiles reveals that during his two hundred year slumber, Omega was reprogrammed to capture Shadow due to humanity's fear of him, thus revealing he was the one who imprisoned Shadow in the future. Omega decides to unload his machine guns on Mephiles, who disappears into black mist, and later glumly reveals what he was told to Shadow and Rouge.

Team Dark then chased Mephiles through Dusty Desert, with Shadow and Omega navigating through it to try and get to the Chaos Emerald there before he did. They are too late however, and Mephiles uses his newfound power to merge with Iblis and become Solaris. Shadow, Rouge, and Omega are blasted off their feet as a large army of Mephiles clones are created and attack. Shadow removes his inhibitor rings and surrounds Team Dark in a massive field of energy, charging through the clones and wiping them out.

Shadow attempted to take Mephiles' Chaos Emeralds, but they ended up glowing, and transported Team Dark to a space-time rift created by the newly rectified Solaris, alongside the other playable characters, Dr. Eggman, Princess Elise, and Sonic's dead body. Omega and the others briefly mourn Sonic's death, but he is brought back to life thanks to Elise's kiss and the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and he gives his power to Sonic, Shadow, and Silver for them to turn into their super states and destroy Solaris.

Omega is a playable character in this game, appearing in several levels during Shadow's campaign. Much of his moveset from Sonic Heroes, including hovering and using machine guns, is retained, though he isn't assisted by Shadow or Rouge in this game.

Sonic Forces

Omega makes several brief, non-playable appearances in Sonic Forces. During Episode Shadow, add-on levels that feature Shadow the Hedgehog before the events of the game, Omega was tasked by Rouge to infiltrate one of Dr. Eggman's bases sometime before the doctor initiates his plan to take over the world. Despite Rouge's warnings against engaging in combat, Omega proceeded to destroy several Egg Pawns while on the mission. This pushed Eggman to send out Infinite, who ultimately defeated him and caused him to lose contact with the rest of Team Dark.

Omega attacking Infinite in Sonic Forces.

Six months later, Omega was found deactivated by Tails, who tried his best to reactivate him. However, he didn't get far after a clone of Chaos appeared and Classic Sonic came to his aid. Much later, Omega appears fully repaired and operational during the Resistance's final assault on the Eggman Empire, shooting at Infinite, vowing revenge for his previous defeat. Fed up with the Resistance, Infinite then used the Phantom Ruby prototype to create a duplicate of the sun, which was to be dropped on the Resistance and kill them all. Thankfully, Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the Avatar were able to team up and stop Infinite and defeat Eggman once again. After this, Omega and the rest of the Resistance help clean up the world, ridding it of Eggman's reign.

Mario & Sonic series

Omega has made numerous appearances throughout the Mario & Sonic series, normally as a rival that challenges the player. In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Omega is the second rival battled in Festival Mode. In Solo Festival Mode he challenges the player to Speed Skating 500m, and in Team Festival mode he challenges them to Short Track Relay. In both games, he uses his boosters on his back to speed up dramatically.

Omega again appears as a rival in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, this time being encountered in London Party Mode. When encountered the first time, he challenges the player to 100m, and during the second time challenges all players to 4x100m Relay.

Omega is a rival again, and is challenged as the boss of Area 5 in Legends Showdown mode. The player this time battles him in Roller Coaster Bobsleigh.

Omega makes his playable debut in the series in the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Albeit, he is exclusively playable in the Javelin Throw and Javelin Throw Plus events. He is completely absent in the Wii U version.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Omega appears as a Sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, using his 2D artwork from Sonic Channel. When equipped, he increases fire resistance by +17.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Omega appears as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, obtainable at random or after being purchased from the Trophy Shop.

"E-123 Omega is, as his name implies, the 23rd robot in Dr. Eggman's E-100 series. Designed to be Eggman's secret weapon and contain Shadow the Hedgehog, Omega instead turns rebel and teams up with Shadow to undermine the villain and create chaos."

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Omega appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Novice-class (★) Primary Spirit. He is a Defense-type Spirit, and as such increases defense when equipped. The Spirit battle is a stamina battle against a giant R.O.B., who starts the battle with a Drill. The Omega spirit uses 3D artwork from Sonic Channel.



Omega's artwork in Sonic Heroes.

As a member of Dr. Eggman's E-100 series robots, Omega shares similarities with his predecessors, namely E-102 Gamma, but also stands out from them a lot. Namely, he has a much stockier build, with a larger upper-body and has two arms instead of one arm and a blaster. His body is mainly red, yellow, and black, with his head being square-shaped and having two red, glowing eyes. His shoulders are large and black, have red handlebars on the ends, and each have an "Ω" printed on them, the left being on the front and the right being on the back. He lacks the twin exhaust pipes and Jet Boosters the previous E-100 series robots have, and instead has twin jets embedded on either side of him below the hunch.

His design has remained mostly the same throughout the series, though Sonic the Hedgehog gave him a few alterations. Namely, he appears a bit taller, his head is more rounded, and his eyes are closer together. His shoulders are also twice as big and his upper body is a bit thinner. More recently, Omega's fingers have been given much better detailing, with visible mechanical joints along them, and his movements have become increasingly more clunkier and less fluid.


Omega's two ultimate goals are to defeat Dr. Eggman as revenge for wasting his power and destroy his other robots to prove himself superior over them. These two goals are absolute above everything else in Omega's eyes, and as such he tends to be extremely headstrong and reckless; this is shown in Sonic Forces, where he is sent on a recon mission in one of Eggman's bases, and attempts to eliminate every robot in the vicinity despite Rouge warning against engaging in combat.

Like E-102 Gamma, Omega has a free will, though he is considerably less noble. While Gamma destroys robots to free the Flickies trapped inside, Omega destroys anything that could stand in his way or his goals. He deems Dr. Eggman's robots as inferior to him, calling them "worthless consumer models" in Sonic Heroes.

While Omega is largely emotionless, he is capable of understanding the emotions of others, as well as expressing them, albeit in minor forms. In Sonic Heroes, when Team Dark discover that the Shadow they were working with may be an android, Omega comforts a depressed Rouge by saying that if there are androids, the original must still exist. Omega also expresses depression and anger in Sonic the Hedgehog when Mephiles reveals that he is the one that will trap Shadow in the future when the world blames him for the release of Iblis.

Omega is extremely loyal to Team Dark, and will trust Shadow and Rouge over anyone else. In spite of his ultimate goals, he is able to look past differences and forge alliances, and thus is generally friendly towards the rest of the main cast in the Sonic series. Particularly in the comic series by Archie, Omega and Cream the Rabbit are shown to be friendly with each other, with him deeming her "too cute to eviscerate". Omega will also temporarily abandon his goal of defeating Eggman, or even temporarily join him, if there is a bigger threat, as evidenced by him helping with the battle against Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes and Solaris in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Stereotypical of robots, Omega will often use technical terms as opposed to normal speech, such as using "affirmative" or "negative" as opposed to simply saying "yes" or "no".

Fanon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Charged

Omega appears as a Trophy and Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Charged. He is a Legendary-type Spirit that makes the user start the battle giant when equipped. The Spirit battle is Bowser, who is metal and has increased attack power.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Beyond

Omega appears as a assist guest character alongside Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles.


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