E-102 Gamma (“γ”)
E-102 Gamma
E-102 Gamma
One of Eggman's Clunkers (by Sonic), Mr. Robot (by Amy) and "Beta's little brother"
GENDER None, assumed to be male
SPECIES E-100 Series Robot
AGE None
BIRTHDAY Egg Carrier: Final Egg
ALIGNMENT Good/Neutral
E-101 Beta (brother)

Dr Eggman (creator)

Amy Rose (close friend)
CLASS Soldier
His brothers Amy
WEAPONS Arm Cannon
Andrew Rannels

E-102 Gamma γ was one of the first E-series Robots. It was made after its brother, E-101 Beta, by Eggman.


Canon Appearances

Sonic Adventure

After capturing Amy Rose, Gamma had to keep her locked up so she wouldn't escape. Amy soon tells Gamma about friendship. Gamma soon wishes to defeat his creator and to release the animals from his other brothers, E103-Delta, E104-Epsilon, E105-Zeta and of course, E101-Beta. He successed, with the only things destroyed were his brothers and himself. Soon, the Flickies that were freed were revealed to be Amy Rose's blue bird family.

Sonic Shuffle

Gamma appears as a secret character in Sonic Shuffle, revived with "the power of dreams".

Sonic Battle

Gamma doesn't really appear in Sonic Battle, it's revived as the Chaos Gamma, with has two arms instead of one hand and a rocket launcher. It also has other weapons too.

Fanon Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Theta

The newcomer to SSB Theta, Gamma got the place he so deserved in the line-up.

  • B: Rocket Launcher. Fires a rapidfire cannon, that when held too long, can overheat.
  • Smash B: Hover Mode. Hovers forward rapidly, damaging enemies with the rotor blades.
  • Up B: Jet Booster. Jumps upward, then uses the jet booster to float forward, as long as the button is held.
  • Down B: Roller Mode. Charges a dash by holding the button; the longer it is charged, the more damage it inflicts.
  • Final Smash: E-102 (Gamma) MkII. Changes to E-102 MkII, a red recolor of E-101 MkII, and inflicts damage on opponents with a Neutral A Combo (Three powerful slashes), and a B attack (The Dark Bomb)

Dr Robotnik's Land Capture

Gamma appears as a Chaos card in this game. The Gamma is a prototype, as said by the description.


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