Dux, raising his fin.
(As in Fantendo ObstaCourse)
Full Name Dux
Current Age 25
Date of Birth March 20, 1986
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Location Dorsal Fintown
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) His mind

Dux is the protagonist of Fish 'N' Chips. He's a pretty smart man fish, and is possibly smarter than anyone else in Dorsal Fintown, except his little buddy, Lucas.


Dux is calm, respectful and courageous, and tries to do everything he could when needed. Dux is not the person you would see freaking out. Most puzzles are a cinch for him. If there's something he cannot solve, Dux would only be disappointed, but not for that long (unless it is about a lot, or he would lose something important).


Dux is a yellow Gillard with light orange fins. His dorsal fin is jagged while his others are rounded with stripe-like indentations. He has a calm expression with his eyebrows being horizontally against his eyes.




Madam Clavola


The Terrible Mariners

Wally von Tuski

Game Appearances

Fish 'N' Chips

Dux gets challenged by Alvin of the Terrible Mariners if he could repair the forty Protection Pillars that he sabotaged, and beating him and the other seven members, in three hours. If Dux wins, the Terrible Mariners will go away, but if he loses, Alvin and his Terrible Mariners will attack Dorsal Fintown, and will force Amorine to marry Alvin. Dux had to accept this challenge.

Dux is always played by Player 1 in all the modes of Fish 'N' Chips, but the player can choose someone else in Multiplayer.


A full gallery of all artwork of Dux.


  • According to Lucas, Dux has swam 1.500.000 miles, thought 22 million times, talked 23 million times, took 20 million times action, and spewed just once, as in Fish 'N' Chips.