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Dutch Pancakes 64 is a puzzle-platformer made by Ninkancho for the Display C. Set for release on June 23, 2020, it will be a celebration of the Super Mario series' thirty-fifth anniversary. This time, the focus is on Super Mario 64, Mario's first mainstream 3D outing. Dutch Pancakes 64 is not a level editor like Super Mario Maker. Instead, it is an emulator for a SM64 hack, which will require players to exploit bugs and glitches in the engine to progress.


On June 23, 2016, the twentieth anniversary of Super Mario 64's release, Ninkancho filed a trademark for the title "Super Mario: Dutch Pancakes". Fans of pannenkoek2012 speculated that the name was a reference to him, and that the game would be focused on beating courses using as few presses of the A button as possible.

Ninkancho confirmed the game and platform, which was at that point unnamed, on September 26.


Extraneous head-up display

The sidebars of the screen will contain different sets of important information. If whatever Ninkancho's main console will be in 2020 has a touchscreen, then those HUD elements will also be visible and repositionable on it. Depending on the mission, this extraneous head-up display may contain loaded-object counters, memory slot visualizations, Mario's horizontal and vertical speed, coordinates, local, PU, and QPU maps, and so on.


1Bark-Log JungleAn easy forest-themed course that has Mario performing backwards long jumps to clear lakes of purple goo. In this course, the HUD primarily contains a counter for Mario's speed.
2Memory LanesIn this city, Mario must repeatedly clone objects to make it to otherwise inaccessible areas. The player will occasionally need to visit other courses to update the HOLP to a faraway or out-of-bounds location. The HUD contains object slots, HOLP coordinates, and settings for select objects.
3Parallel PeaksThis mountain-themed course has a number of caves that Mario must use PU movements to get "inside", as they often serve as the only ways to progress. The mountain's real landmark is, however, the twin waterfalls that lend it its name. Some frame-perfect maneuvering is required to dodge obstacles when Mario follows them into an underground subworld.
4Stuttering CanyonA huge, layered canyon where Mario has to make use of seams, misalignments, and other quirks related to the edges of platforms.
5Floating PoolsMario has to overcome the granularity of the floats used to determine, among other things, his own position, when he isn't solving water-related puzzles.
10Frozen Wonderland
11Packed UndergroundA twisting cavern where Mario must combine PU movement with cloning and pause buffering, with some help from his Scuttlebug friends.
13Meta MesaIn this mushroom-infested tableland, Mario must truly break the perceived boundaries of the game to win. Different variable types have to be abused in tandem with various minor glitches to all but break the game entirely. Several times throughout the course, Mario must carry glitches across from other levels, outsource Power Star collection to the instance of himself from the demo, and come dangerously close to crashing the game entirely.
15Impossible Round-Clock



  • The game's title is a shout-out to YouTuber pannenkoek2012. He is best-known for his applications of Super Mario 64 mechanics and glitches to the completion of "impossible" challenges, such as beating the game with as few A presses as possible.

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