Dupmal's Castle Raid is an RPG for the DS and the first installment in the Dupmal Series. It is similar to Luigi's Mansion, but in this game, you have to steal the 10 artifacts in Skull Castle.


Dupmal was relaxing in his tower when all of a sudden, the ground started shaking. He instantly flew from his home and got outside of his tower just before it collapsed. When the dust settled, Dupmal saw a bundle of Boo's just on the other side. One of them had a book of magic and Dupmal realized that they were the ones who destroyed his home. Dupmal knew he couldn't just barge into the enemy castle, so he went to the forest elder for advice. The elder told him that if he wanted his castle repaired, he would have to find 10 artifacts and unite their power to restore his home. He also said that all 10 were located in Skull Castle, the enemy castle. Dupmal thanked the elder and flew to Skull Castle. He entered the door and started his journey.

Gameplay & Controls

You control Dupmal throughout the entire game. The game is similar to the M&L series, but you control Dupmal and your inside a large castle. You walk around and engage in combat with monsters and ghosts of all shapes and sizes. Unlike Luigi's Mansion, this game uses sprites instead of 3-D characters. The field of combat is like that of Super Paper Mario, as you battle on the field.

  • D-Pad: Move Dupmal
  • B Button: Jump, hold to fly
  • A Button: Phase through a wall
  • X Button: Use item
  • Y Button: Activate Power
  • R/L Buttons: Swap Powers
  • Start/Pause: Pause Game


  • Dupmal: Protagonist
  • Dooplis: Gives you advice
  • The Elder: Teaches you new attacks
  • Bony: An enemy
  • Spooker: Antagonist


  • Pot of Thunder
  • Flaming Sword
  • Decoder Goggles
  • Crystal Blade
  • Cloak of Truth
  • King Skull
  • Golden Tooth
  • Cane of Willpower
  • Armor of Heroism
  • Statue of the Gods
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