Dupmal is a ghost and the main protagonist in the Dupmal Series. He is a black ghost that looks extremely similar to Doopliss. He possesses many supernatural, ghostly powers. His best friend is named Sweetster.

Full Name Dupmal
Current Age Ageless
Gender male
Location Ghastly Forest
Current Status Dead
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Dooplis (cousin)
Main Weapon(s) None
Vulnerable To Camera's

Powers & Abilities

Dupmal possesses many supernatural powers.

  • He can teleport
  • He can go through walls
  • He can fly
  • He can read minds
  • He can drop purple fireballs from his coat
  • He can turn invisible
  • He can possess others
  • He can move things with his mind
  • He can use mind-control
  • He can shapeshift


  • Dupmal was made by Micool26, but he gave him away to Lemmykoopa24 because Micool could not think of a purpose to give him.