Dudlette 3D Final
Dudlette's basic appearance.
Full Name Dudlette Drawson
Gender Female
Location New Canvas
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Dudle (brother)
Main Weapon(s) Drawn Weapons
Vulnerable To Evil Drawings
Latest Appearance McBoo's Mansion 3
What he said!
Dudlette, Doodlemen RPG

Dudlette Drawson is the little sister of Dudle, the stick man (Hero Sketchy) and a main character in the Doodlemen Series. She is hyperactive, and tends to be more of a tomboy, yet most Sketchies find her very attractive. Dudle's rival, Scribboy wants badly to be her boyfriend, but she can't stand him.


Doodlemen Series

Doodlemen RPG

Dudlette makes her first appearance in Doodlemen RPG, where she and her brother Dudle are first created by a boy called Drew. She was later found later as a sketch and stolen by Artie when she magically comes to live. Dudlette and her bro. are soon rescued by The Player, who draws weapons for them to use and their own city, New Canvas. Soon Dudlette is brainwashed by Artie and is sent on an adventure by the Sketchies to find a red ruby called, the Rubolet.

Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest

Dudlette is playable in the game Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest.

McBoo Series

McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1

Character Name Description
Dudlette MM3 Dudlette Dudle's big sister that was brainwashed and can only remember her name and brother. Along with her bro., she set off to discover why her was transported to the Mushroom Kingdom. They had tuns of fun relearning drawing power.

Other Appearances

Dudlette will appear in Fantendo Kart Ultra, as a secret character.


  • Dudlette's name is combination of dudette (a girl) and doodle (a drawing).