Dudel's basic appearance.
(As in Fantendo ObstaCourse)
Full Name Dudel Drawson
Gender Male
Location New Canvas
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Dudlette (sister)
Main Weapon(s) Drawn Weapons
Vulnerable To Evil Drawings
Latest Appearance McBoo's Mansion 3
Bring it on baddie!
Dudel, Doodlemen RPG

Dudel Drawson (also known as Dudle Drawson) is a male stick figure drawing or Hero Sketchy that was created for a boy named Drew as a young age. He and his sister Dudlette are the main characters in the Doodlemen Series, in which he first appeared in Doodlemen RPG. He is proven to be a extreme daredevil, very fun-loving, and enjoys fighting alongside his friends.


Doodlemen Series

Doodlemen RPG

Dudel makes his debut in Doodlemen RPG, in which he and his sister Dudlette are shown to be created by young Drew. He was found as a drawing later and stolen by Artie and magically comes to live. Once Artie notices, Dudel and Dudlette are saved by The Player, who draws their weapons and their own city, New Canvas. Soon Dudel is brainwashed by Artie and sent on a quest by the Sketchies to retrieve the Rubolet, a legendary ruby.


the Flipnote Hatena of the Character of McBoo.

Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest

Dudel will be a playable character in Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest.

McBoo Series

McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1

Character Name Description
Dudle MM3 Dudel After getting a strange mind-wipe, Dudel and his big sister, Dudlette were strangely transported into the Mushroom Kingdom. Using the power of drawing, Dudel was able to survive in his old life.

Other Appearances

Dudel makes his first appearance in a spin-off game in Fantendo Kart Ultra as a default character.


Icon Name Instruction Booklet Biography Statics
Dudel Icon Dudel Holy cow, he's fast! But with those skinny arms, there's no telling if you'll find all the pieces after a boss battle. Power 1/4
Control 3/4
Skill 2/4
Speed 4/4


  • Dudel's name is combination of dude (a guy) and doodle (a drawing).