SSB Duck Hunt Series
Duck Hunt Duo
Duck Hunt Duo's placeholder art, from Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.
Series Duck Hunt
Debut Duck Hunt (1985)
Weight Light
Size Mid-Small
Smash Status Veteran
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash (default) NES Zapper Posse
Final Smash (custom) Hunting Game
The infamous snickering hound and the elusive blue duck have teamed up to form a powerful bond with NES light gun powers!
Description for Duck Hunt Duo

The Duck Hunt Duo (also known as simply Duck Hunt) is a pair of unlockable characters in Super Smash Bros. Zenith. The duo consists of a dog and a duck, and they are aided by an unseen huntsman from the fourth wall, only being identified by its reticle.

This duo made its first appearance in Smash in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, as one of the few unlockable newcomers.



Standard/Tilted Attacks

Smash Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Floor/Edge Attack


Special Moves

Move Name Description
Neutral Special Move Default Trick Shot The dog will kick an explosive can from Hogan's Alley. Following uses of this attack will not summon another can when another is in play, but instead makes use of the huntsman, which shoots the can in play forwards. The can explodes upon contact, but can also detonate from being shot too many times.
Custom 1 High-Explosive Shot The dog kicks a more explosive can at a higher speed and distance. It explodes immediately when the huntsman shoots at it.
Custom 2 Zig-Zag Shot The shots made by the huntsman makes the can alternate direction. Opponents hit by the can's explosion get flung upwards.
Custom 3 Stunning Shot The explosion caused by the can won't fling opponents away, but stuns them instead.
Side Special Move Default Clay Shooting The dog throws a clay pigeon, which the hunter will shoot into a explosion of gunfire when the Side Special combination is triggered again.
Custom 1 Rising Clay The clay pigeon being thrown will rise upwards, and won't explode in a gunfire when shot. The further it goes upwards, the more damage it does.
Custom 2 Clay Break The huntsman will shoot at the clay pigeon three times with varying accuracy, but the third shot is always a definite hit. Each shot is stronger than the previous one.
Custom 3 Lucky Bird The dog will throw an 8-bit Lucky Bird from Gumshoe instead. When shot, the Bird will turn into a Roast Turkey Food item.
Up Special Move Default Duck Jump The duck carries the dog while flying around, before it loses strength and falls.
Custom 1 Duck Jump Snag The dog will bite repeatedly as the duck carries him while flying. This variation covers less vertical distance
Custom 2 Super Duck Jump The duck flaps in midair a bit, then goes up very quickly with the dog. This variation covers more vertical distance.
Custom 3 Duck Soar The duck can fly freely wherever it goes while carrying the dog, but gets tired more easily.
Down Special Move Default Wild Gunman The dog summons an 8-bit Gunman from Wild Gunman. The gunman will shoot horizontally before disappearing, but the lag between appearing and shooting differs per gunman. The gunman will also disappear when hit before it gets time to shoot.
Custom 1 Quick Draw Aces The summoned gunman's startup lag is greatly reduced, but so is his shot's distance.
Custom 2 Mega Gunman The dog summons an enormous gunman that can act as a shield, but shoots when nothing hits it.
Custom 3 Double Gunmen Two gunmen appear on each of the Duck Hunt Duo's sides, but it's only the gunmen with the two largest startup lag. Also, their shot's distance is reduced.
Final Smash Default NES Zapper Posse The Duck Hunt Duo summons five 8-bit ducks, which carry any opponent they hit to the Wild West in a cutscene. The opponent get inbetween a shooting of Wild Gunmen and gangsters from Hogan's Alley, and get shot multiple times before being transported back to the battlefield and being launched diagonally.
Custom Hunting Game The player now controls the hunter's reticle as the Duck Hunt Duo hides in patches of grass spread across the stage. The huntsman gets three bullets and can reload five times, and is able to shoot all the opponents, which will launch upwards or downwards. When hitting the ground, the dog appears and kicks the opponent for extra damage. When done shooting, all grass disappears as the dog laughs.


Subject Description
On-screen Appearance The duo emerge from an 8-bit patch of grass, all while the dog is grinning.
Taunts Up Taunt The dog performs a handstand dance, but stops when the duck quacks annoyed at him.
Side Taunt The dog lays on its side and laughs, while the duck flies with its bill open.
Down Taunt The dog faces the camera while standing on its hind legs and dancing
Victory Poses Pose #1 The dog jumps in a patch of grass just when the duck flies out of it, and the dog emerges out of the grass and laughs.
Pose #2 The dog runs about, performs a Trick Shot kick and does an adorable pose.
Pose #3 The dog summons a Wild Gunman on the left, and another one on the right.
Boxing Ring Title (US) Canis Anatis Venandi
Boxing Ring Title (UK) The Most Unlikely of Partnerships
Victory Fanfare Victory! Duck Hunt Remix of the Round Start fanfare from Duck Hunt. The SSB4 version is used.
Credits Theme in All-Star Duck Hunt Medley
Home Stage Hunting Fields


Smash Trophies

Alternate Costumes

Color Image Description Notes
The dog as how it appears in Duck Hunt. The Duck resembles one of the kinds appearing in Duck Hunt.
Yellow/Green The Dog resembles a Golden Retriever, as well as Pluto the Pup. The Duck resembles one of the kinds appearing in Duck Hunt, which also resembles a male Mallard.
Taupe/Red The dog resembles a Black Labrador Retriever. The Duck resembles one of the kinds appearing in Duck Hunt.
Black/Gray The dog resembles a Rottweiler or a Coonhound. The duck resembles a male Blue Duck.
Black-White/Teal The dog resembles an American Pit Bull Terrier.
Brown/Yellow The dog resembles a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. The duck resembles a male Blue Duck.
White/Green The dog resembles a Dalmatian.
Tan/Brown The dog resembles a Beagle. The duck resembles a female Mallard with a blue head.
Gray/White The duck resembles a Domestic Duck.
Orange/Sky Blue The dog resembles the Pokémon Growlithe. The duck resembles the Pokémon Ducklett.

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