Boss - Dubois
Location Briar
HP 5000
Attack 170
Defence 180
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "Stop reading my mind, fool!"
What?! You're another Lucario!

You fool! M-My disguise! Time to end you!
Dubois, after it's revealed he is a Lucario.

Dubois is a Lucario that has gone bad in Lucario's Quest; he wishes to destroy his own species after being exiled. He is most prominent in Chapter 6, where he is the main boss, guarding the magic stone in Briar that he keeps for himself. Before it is revealed that he is a fellow Lucario, he goes by the identity of Lucario Exterminator.


Long ago, Dubois was exiled from the largest collective Lucario tribe in the land for being a "bad-egg", and also for using his lightning-powers for evil deeds. Having nowhere else to go, he retreats to the town of Briar, taking up residence and keeping an eye on the stone that gives him power simply by rubbing it.

When Lucario and company meet him, he is concealed in his disguise, going by the name "Lucario Exterminator", in which he battles our heroes before being defeated.

Much later, Lucario and his followers find the stone, but are subsequently attacked by him again as the final battle of the chapter. Halfway through the battle, the disguise is knocked off, and Dubois's real self is shown, to everyone's surprise. This only angers Dubois, however, as he begins to use his powerful lightning attacks. Soon, Dubois lay defeated, and Lucario retrieves the stone.


Bitter, sarcastic, and seemingly plain evil, Dubois has always had a mean-streak about him, even against his own kind. He is regarded as one of the most villainous characters in this game.


During battle, he starts as the Lucario Exterminator, using a large flamethrower, wearing a strange outfit.

However, once his disguise is knocked off, Dubois emerges, ready to use lightning attacks. Earth attacks affect him the most in this stage of the battle. It should also be taken note of that Dubois can "battle thought" as well, being that he is also a Lucario.


  • When Lucario reads his mind, Dubois's battle thought somewhat breaks the fourth wall, telling him "Not to read his mind", being that his aura can also read minds.
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