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Dual DK is an upcoming game for the Nintendo DS. Not much is known about it except for a short game demo and what was revealed on the Scribbles, but more information is going to be released at F3. The demo consists of one short level, followed by five screenshots. The story and levels will most likely change as more information is revealed.


No story is currently confirmed, but it may have one similar to Donkey Kong 64, as the demo ends when the player collects a Golden Banana. In the November/December "Scribbles", it was revealed that Diddy and Dixie would be stranded somewhere at some point.


  • Donkey Kong-The only playable character in the demo, he is also shown in most of the screenshots.
  • Diddy Kong-In the December Scribbles, Diddy Kong was confirmed to be playable. He was also confirmed to use attacks from Donkey Kong 64.
  • Dixie Kong-In the December Scribbles, Dixie was confirmed to be in the game. However, it has not been confirmed whether she is playable or not.
  • Cranky Kong-In the October/November Scribbles, it was revealed that Cranky will be playable in a secret game mode, based off of his training in Donkey Kong Country 3.


  • Kritter- One Kritter appears in the demo level, and a second one appears in one of the screenshots.
  • King K. Rool-K. Rool is most likely a boss character as Kritter has been the only confirmed enemy.


  • Kongo Jungle (conjectural)- The demo contains a jungle-style level, similar to Jungle Japes of Donkey Kong 64.
  • River Level- In the third screenshot, DK is shown to be crossing a river on stepping stones.
  • Barrel Cannon Canyon (conjectural)- In the fourth screenshot, Dk is shown being shot out of a Barrel Cannon. In the background, a canyon can be made out.


Two different songs are heard during the demo. One is played during the title screen and slideshow, and one during the level. Additionally, the main theme of the game was revealed on the October/November Scribbles.

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