Ggggrah! You shouldn'ta said that! Nobody makes fun of Dry Bowser! Nobody!
Dry Bowser, in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
Dry Bowser
ほねクッパ Hone Kuppa
Dry Bowser as he appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
SPECIES Koopa, Dry Bones
Bowser (normal form)
Bones, Fire Breath
New Super Mario Bros.
Kenny James

Dry Bowser is the undead, skeletal form of Bowser. He first appears in New Super Mario Bros. when Mario drops Bowser in a pool of lava, causing his skin to melt off. Later in the game, he is rematched as Dry Bowser. In addition to the strength and abilities his living counterpart has, Dry Bowser also has the defenses of a Dry Bones, such as immunity to fire and the ability to reconstruct himself after being crumbled. Additionally, his name plays off of Dry Bones, despite him technically not being one himself.

Since his debut, Dry Bowser has appeared in various spin-off games, most notably the Mario Kart series, as a separate entity from Bowser.


Super Mario Bros.: Plumbers Unite

Dry Bowser's first canonical appearance is often thought to be New Super Mario Bros.; however, this was changed with the release of the Wii U/3DS title. In the game, rather than being a completely separate character like he is in other games, he is once again an alternate form of Bowser himself. He is fought as the third phase of the final battle in Bowser's Humble Keep. Before the phase begins, a cutscene shows Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi combining their Fire Flower abilities to unleash a massive fire blast, knocking Giga Bowser into the pit of lava surrounding the arena. Following his defeat, a portion of the brick wall rotates, revealing a cage containing Princess Peach. Mario makes a beeline for it, but he and the other plumbers hear the lava bubbling again. Suddenly, Dry Bowser jumps out, shedding what remains of his skin, and challenges the heroes once more.

The fight takes place on a closely-packed series of stone platforms floating above the lava, which will sink under certain conditions. There is also a warp pipe that hovers back and forth, and will unleash a Chain Chomp if it is stood under for three seconds. During the battle, Dry Bowser will toss bones, swipe at the heroes with his claws, and attempt to whip them by spinning his tail around, alongside breathing blue fireballs that home in on the player and streams of fire that set the ground ablaze for a short time. He can also make use of Ground Pounds that create shockwaves, and cause the segment of the ground he is on to sink into the lava, as well as the other segments to fly up into the air. When the pieces of ground come back down, they will sink below the lava for a second, so the player must be sure to land on the one that falls first so they won't get burnt. Other attacks include summoning Dry Bones and Bony Beetles that walk and jump around, and tucking into his shell in order to quickly get around the arena. In order to hurt him, the plumbers must hit Dry Bowser with either physical attacks or the Weapon Suit, or send the minions and bones he summons flying back at him, but all three of those methods will only deal minor damage. Fire attacks will not work at all. A more effective strategy is to attack with ice until one of Dry Bowser's body parts freezes over and becomes useless for a bit. The goal is to lure Dry Bowser beneath the aforementioned warp pipe while he is partially frozen, so his body part can be shattered by the Chain Chomp (this is the only way that he can be damaged by the Chomps; otherwise, he'll shrug it off). As the battle progresses, Dry Bowser's attacks change depending on what body parts he can still use. With his tail missing, he can no longer perform his tail-swipe, and with one arm gone, his claw-swipes are slower and more predictable. With no arms left, he gains a new attack: kicking his clawed feet upwards and sending out sonic booms that can damage the player. These come out more slowly with one leg broken, however. When both of his legs are gone, Dry Bowser will resort to spinning back and forth across the floor in his shell, occasionally popping his head out to breathe fire, but also leaving himself vulnerable. When his head is attacked three times, it will pop out of his shell, severely cracked and barely able to stay together, ultimately rendering it unable to cause trouble save for trash-talking the plumbers. The shell, meanwhile, is left with no sense of control, and is sent flying into the bars protecting Peach, smashing them to pieces and setting her free, before a particularly rebellious Chain Chomp comes out of the pipe and ingests it, followed by sacrificing its life by falling into the lava. In a post-credits scene, Kamek tosses the skull into a cauldron and revives Bowser, allowing him to continue antagonizing the heroes in the future.

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

Dry Bowser appears as a costume for Bowser. When selecting the character hold down the left control stick to the right to turn Bowser into Dry Bowser.

Mario Kart: Infinity Remix

Dry Bowser appears in Mario Kart: Infinity Remix as an unlockable racer, being unlocked randomly after winning a gold trophy on any cup in engine class. He is a heavyweight racer, and has the highest speed and weight stats in the game, but with the worst acceleration and handling stats. He also has decent a mini-turbo stat, but a mediocre traction stat.

Super Smash Bros. Charged

Dry Bowser appears in Super Smash Bros. Charged as a newcomer. He is an Echo Fighter of Bowser, and as such, has a mostly identical moveset. His stats are slightly different however; while he is lighter than Bowser, lacks his unique "Tough Guy" universal super armor, and lacks the invincibility most of his shell-based attacks grant, he is faster and has better frame data, allowing him to combo more reliably than his living counterpart.

The most notable distinction between the two is his neutral special Dangerous Breath; compared to Bowser's Fire Breath, the flames Dry Bowser expels are different colored, and can inflict a number of effects on opponents depending on their color, from dizziness, to shrinking, to freezing. This is based on the multiple breath attacks Bonetail attacks with in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Dry Bowser also has two character Trophies, unlocked by beating Classic and All-Star Mode as him. He additionally has another Trophy and Spirit, depicting him on the Jetsetter from Mario Kart Wii. It is an Ace-type Spirit that increases the user's running speed by 55% when equipped. The Spirit battle is Dry Bowser, who has increased running speed and can damage opponents by running into them.

Dry Bowser JoeTERender.png
Dry Bowser
One day, Bowser decided to take a dip in the lava. This caused his skin to melt off, revealing the equally-as-terrifying skeleton underneath. Mario first faces him in New Super Mario Bros., where he not only has Bowser's imposing strength, but is also immune to fireballs! In Smash Bros., Dry Bowser is Bowser's Echo Fighter, and their movesets are pretty one-to-one with each other. He's a bit lighter, but he's also faster, and can rack up damage quicker.
  • DS: New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
  • Wii: Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Dry Bowser Charged Alt 3.png
Dry Bowser (Alt.)
Dry Bowser's Dangerous Breath is a bit different from Bowser's Fire Breath. You can't deal as much damage with it, but he breathes various breaths of many colors. Each one can inflict a different effect on opponents, such as dizziness, flower, mushroom, and even freezing! These effects are good for putting your foes in a bad spot for you to land an easy KO on them. Bowser Bomb, his down special, has him rocket downward and heavily launch enemies below him, making it a good follow-up for Dangerous Breath.
  • DS: New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
  • Wii: Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Dry Bowser + Jetsetter.png
Dry Bowser + Jetsetter
With the fastest speed stat in Mario Kart Wii, the Jetsetter is, well, fast! With proper control and handling, you'll be able to tear through the track! Aside from weight, it's other stats are pretty mediocre though, especially acceleration. Dry Bowser has never been one to care for such things, though. If he's taking home the gold, he's doing it in style!
Series Related
  • Wii: Mario Kart Wii (2008)

New Super Mario Bros. The Roman Worlds

Dry Bowser appears as the boss in the World VIII Fortress, you must defeat him by hitting the big grey button with a ! on it. This will cause the drawbridge below Dry Bowser to fall into a pit of water making Dry Bowser sink, and drown.

Paper Mario: Outbreak of Evil

Dry Bowser makes his Paper Mario debut as the secret boss of Paper Mario: Outbreak of Evil. He fought on the top floor of the 100-Trial Tower. He has an HP of 200, an Attack of 10, and a Defense of 4. His attacks are Bone Slash, in which he slashes at you with his claws, poisoning you if you don't block, Bone Bomb, in which he ground pounds with enough force to Crush you (and break himself apart), Fire Breath, Bad Breath, in which he blasts you with a breath causing either Shrink, Poison, Blind, or Cancel for 5 turns, Skull Toss, in which he tosses his skull at you or your partner, causing constant damage for 3 turns but making him more likely to miss and disabling the breath attacks, Bone Barrage, in which he tosses 5 bones at you and your partner, and and Inhale-and-Spit, in which he inhales you or your partner, stealing 10-30 HP from them based on how low his health is, and then spitting you at your ally. Upon his defeat, he belches out the Undying Badge, then crumbles into bones. On each visit, he respawns, thought the badge is only dropped once.

Mario Super Sluggers HD

Dry Bowser is a playable character in Mario Super Sluggers HD, a remake of Mario Super Sluggers. He is in the power category and has 20 palette swaps.

Super Smash Bros. (arcade)

Dry Bowser is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for the arcade. He is the echo fighter of Bowser. He has 8 palette swaps.

TPXZF1997's Super Smash Bros.

Dry Bowser appears as an alternate form for Bowser.


Super Mario Bros. film

Dry Bowser appears as a simple cameo in Super Mario Bros. (2012 film), setting up Super Smash Bros. (film).

Super Mario Bros. 2 film

Dry Bowser appears as the main villain in Super Mario Bros. 2 (2014 film), breaking out from his prison with Shadow Mario and his Brother, Shadow Luigi. He wreaks havoc through the Mushroom Kingdom, and eventually kidnaps Peach, leading her to his new fortress. However, the Mario Bros. find Super Capes to defeat Dry Bowser, and scatter his bones through the world to make sure he will never be assembled again.

Super Smash Bros. film

Dry Bowser appears as the main villain in Super Smash Bros. (film). He takes over the Space Pirates, and leads the Koopa Troop and his new army to Brooklyn, Mario's town of origin. However, S.M.A.S.H., a team dedicated to stopping him, ruins his plans and locks him up in the Galactic Federation Maximum Security Prison.


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