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Dry Bones Party 4 is the fourth installment in the Dry Bones Party series, and the first Dry Bones Party game to be released for the Gamecube. It came out on May 15, 2002 for Japan, May 24, 2002 for Europe, June 3, 2002 for America, and June 14, 2002 for Australia. It introduces some new modes and the redesigned version of Lakithunder: adding the Lightning Bolt onto his head to go with his three strands of hair.


Dry Bones and the company are enjoying the outdoors when a mysterious cloud forms in the distance. As the cloud moves closer, a giant bag appears to be floating in the sky. The bag opens up to reveal Miss P, Buster Beetle, Goomba, Shy Guy, and Boo, who invite Mario and the gang to party in the Party Cube.

It's the player character's birthday and each host wants to give a present to him/her, but he/she must play in each host's board and win a special minigame to get the present. The player character manages to get every single present from each host, but Bowser shows up and threatens to steal every present the player has, unless the player agrees to go to Bowser's board and win, and the player accepts Bowser's challenge.

The player manages to win and Koopa Kid congratulates the player for winning, but Bowser tricks the player into believing that he took all of the player's presents and the two fight in a final battle. The player manages to beat Bowser and he runs away and leaves one present behind. Koopa Kid explains that Bowser never took the player's presents.

Toad then appears and said that there is still someone who didn't give their gift to the player. The lights suddenly turn off, cueing a spotlight, then Toad points to the sky and a Star is seen, zipping across the sky revealing a constellation of the character's winning pose.

The epilogue shows the five hosts without their costumes, following after the moving Party Cube. After a few seconds, the Party Cube blasts off into space, never to be seen again.





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