GENDER Presumed Male
CURRENT STATUS Guarding the Upsetting of the Dimensions
AGE Assumed Infinite
WEAPONS The Upsetting of the Dimensions

Drengenox (also known as Dreggy or Ring Dragon) is a deity that guards the Upsetting of the Dimensions, which appears as a small glass orb with swirling red matter in it. He is currently the wielder of such Artifact of Ascendancy and his ring-like body allows him to lie down and guard it. It is unknown how he came into possession if it.


Drengenox in a sense, is a ring shaped dragon with messed up scale of his limbs which are placed kind of randomly. He can stand on one limb at any given time. as well as float. He can disconnect himself but generally he sucks at mobility. He has techno lines all over his body which may be his power residing inside of him.


Drengenox is actually kind of chill. He doesn't like to fight, he just likes to take naps and write down dreams he has. When it comes down to it though, he seems totally uninterested in fighting because of his immense power. He seems interested in the idea of a romantic relationship but hasn't met anyone that's actually cool with him sleeping all the time.

Powers and Abilities

Aside from the Upsetting of Dimensions, Drengenox can summon neon blue flames from his body, which disperses into plasma that melts away just about anything. He can also fly and create minions (although he never has). When using the Upsetting of Dimensions, he can create rifts in time and space and summon all kinds of weird creatures.

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Background Lore

Drengenox is the wielder of the Upsetting of Dimensions, one of the three Artifacts of Ascendancy. The hunt for them has not begun yet; likely because only so few people are aware of them. In the meantime, Dreggy sleeps and has many dreams which he writes down in a journal. Some of these dreams are prophetic, but he hasn't been made aware of this yet.


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