Dream Maker
Dream Maker Computerboy
Box Artwork for Computerboy
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) *Nintendo Switch
  • Computerboy
  • UNES
Release Date(s)
Dec. 7 2018
Age Rating(s)
Kirby Icon SSBD
New Kirby Logo Alt
Cost 12.79

Dream Maker is a game released by HAL Laboratory Inc./Nintendo and produced for the Nintendo Switch and other consoles.


Dream Maker is Similiar to Super Mario Maker, except for one twist--- it's all Kirby! Yes, Kirby and Super Mario Maker logic come together in a single Maker game! From Waddle Dee mechanics to... Sleep, its a pure Dream Land simply controlled by your imagination! Create levels using Various Elements from your favorite Kirby games, Play an assortment of auto-created courses! and Explore the Dream Site, a dreamy land (*rimshot*) filled with the creations of players from around the world and your friends and locals! but let's not get ahead of ourselves, You can continue below.



Create is a mode where you can use various Kirby elements to create courses/levels.

Tutorial Level

When you first start a new game, everything is white. Kirby comes out of nowhere, and pressing A will start the game. Kirby appears in the first Dream Land Level (Green Greens). It appears normal until you reach the IN Hill, where a dead end comes to view. All of a sudden you are taken into Create mode. Construction Dee introduces himself, and helps you through the tutorial. Most of this involves finishing the level in a remix instructed from the tutorial. after finishing, You can now save your first(?) level.

Create (Cont.)

After the Tutorial you will be free to do your own things.

During your first weeks, Similiar to SMM, everyday you receive new elements (you have to go through The Challenge to earn these in handheld eras of the game). the following of such, including backgrounds, main characters, themes and copy abilities, are down here.

Name Image Description Abilities ([] = Unlock Criteria for this character) ({} = ability crateria)
Kirby Kirby The Main Hero! Using Kirby [STARTER]
Construction Dee
KPR Waddle Dee 2
He's the guide person! this friendly Waddle Dee found a Construction Hat and it was personality, even if he forgot what Workers do. anyway, he can show you through the tutorial and is there for you in the news! he even may appear in other games when you have the chance to save... Hammer {starter} (Parasol {if hat is lost}) [PLAYABLE BY CODE (KIRBYBIRTHDAY2)]

more characters soon

Element and Image Copy Ability (optional) Description Release Date/Unlock After
Ground None The basic platforming of the game starter
star block 111x111px Dud... A Block with a star on it! This can be inhaled and spit out like an enemy. starter
Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Dud.../Parasol/Spear/Beam *The First enemy in the game!
  • Waddle Doo is one of the special shaken transformation elements in a Waddle Dee. It is a one eye Dee that can shoot a Beam.
  • Giving away Soldier Dee to a regular Waddle Dee will turn them into Bandana Waddle Dee, a friendly Spear Dee wearing a blue bandana cap that helps kirby on his adventures!
  • if you give a Waddle Dee a Parasol, the Parasol Waddle Dee will probably want to wander around showing off the Parasol and killing Puffballs!
Star Door Door

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