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Dream Blade
0.2.Dream Blade Poster
Developer(s) Nightcap Devs.
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Role Playing Game

Dream Blade is an RPG developed by Nightcap Devs. This game is an attempt at making an Original IP. The game is developed for the Nintendo Switch and PC.



The game's story starts in a grass field, Where a young boy named Derome can be seen strolling and having fun. All of the sudden,The blue sky turns dark and a face appears in the sky. A bunch of clouds then appear and start homing in on Derome. Deroma panicks and starts running away from the clouds. Unfortunately,the clouds catch up and cause him to trip. as he tries to get up,a hand appears in front of him and tries to reach for his Moon Necklace. Before the hand can pull away the necklace,Derome gasps and wakes up in his room. He looks around and sighs,relieved that what he saw was just a dream.

The game then cuts in front of Derome's house,where he can be seen chatting with some of his friends. He tells his friends about the nightmare he had and his friends tell him they've been having the exact same nightmare as well for the last couple of days.
Dreamblade Cutscene 1

the Hand reaching for Derome's necklace.

The game then cuts to another night,where Derome can be seen putting on his PJs. after wich,he lays back down on his bed and falls asleep. upon opening his eyes,he finds himself floating in a purple sky. a face then appears in front of him and starts giggling until the screen fades to black.


Welcome to the Dream World.

Derome slowly opens his eyes to see a giant blue moon in the sky. he slowly gets up from the ground and takes a look around. As he taking in sights,a frog appears in front of him and startles him. After apologizing for the scare, the frog introduces himself as Prince Tadpillow. The Frog Prince tells Derome that he found him laying there unconscious. shortly after giving Derome some info about where he is,the prince notices his necklace. The Prince gasps and starts whispering something to himself,much to Derome's confusion. Tadpillow then tells Derome to follow him. After looking around in confusion, Derome starts following the frog prince.
Dreamblade Cutscene 2

Derome standing in front of the temple.

After taking control of Derome and exploring the forest,he arrives at a temple. Prince Tadpillow then gives Derome a wooden sword and tells him that he's gonna need it to get past the tests in the temple. Before Derome can ask what's going on,the Frog Prince starts hopping towards the temple and urging Derome to follow him. as Derome reaches the entrance,his Necklace starts glowing and creating some sparks. these sparks fly deeper into the temple,almost as if they necklace is trying to guide him.

Clearing the Temple.

After getting past the tests of the temple,Derome arrives in a chamber with a sword in the middle. With the sparks from his necklace swirling around the sword. Derome slowly approaches the sword and his necklace glows brighter and brighter the closer he gets. Derome grabs the hilt of the sword and pulls it out. Derome takes a closer look at the sword as his necklace slowly stops glowing. 

The Prince explains that the sword is known as the Sword of Dreams and that it once belonged to a hero that took down a threath known as Empress Marelyn. he mentions that the hero once wore the same necklace that Derome was currently wearing. He then goes further and says that he's been transformed into a child by the Empress and that she intends to take over the entire dreamworld,starting with the dreams of children.

The Prince hops on Derome's head and tell the new hero to make his way to the Castle. He mentions that his mother,the Queen of the Kingdom,will be able to fill him in on Empress Marelyin. With the sword in hand,Derome and Prince Tadpillow make their way to the Tadpillow Kingdom.

Arriving at the Kingdom.

Once you reach the Kingdom,Prince Tadpillow tells Derome that he needs to make his way to the castle. after this,you take control of Derome and are allowed to explore the town.

Once you reach the castle,the guards let you in after some convincing from the Prince. the Queen of the land,Queen Pondrea,asks her son why he brought this random kid to the castle. Before he can answer that question,the queen notices the Necklace the kid is wearing and recognizes it. She asks the kid if he's by any chance a descendant of the Hero of Dreams,with Derome reacting with confusion. Seeing this,the Queen requests him to listen to her story. a promt then appears,asking you if you want to hear the story. if you select yes,she will tell begin to tell you about the Empress and the Hero of Dreams.
Dreamblade Cutscene 3

The hero of Dreams sealing away Empress Marelyn

50 years ago,Marelyn was a queen who ruled a Kingdom similiar in size to the Tadpillow Kingdom. after being unsatisfied with how small her kingdom was,she started attacking neighbouring kingdoms until she took over them. but all that land still wasn't enough for her. so she kept attacking kingdoms,becoming more and more power hungry with each Kingdom she took over. this went on for a long time...until a hero showed up to oppose her. This hero carried a Magic Sword and a Necklace that was rumored to have been made from rocks from the Moon howevering above the Dream World. upon hearing that someone was coming after her,the Empress sent all of her troops after him. He took each of them down,until he arrived at the castle where the Empress was hiding. The hero and the Empress fought against each other one on one and against all odds,the hero took down the empress. however...upon her defeat,her spirit left
Dreamblade Cutscene 4
her body and tried to deal a finishing blow to the hero. the Hero then used his magic to seal the Spirit in her own castle. after sealing her away,the hero disappeared. Leaving behind his sword and his mark.

The flashback ends and the Queen tells Derome that the Empress' spirit has broken free from the castle and she's now using it to spread her troops around the Kingdom. After giving Derome the info,a guard enters the rooms and hastily tells the king that a location known as Foun Town is under attack. the Queen then requests derome to head to the Town in order to help the people there.

Chapter 1

Arriving at Foun town.

Derome and Prince Tadpillow arrive at their next destination. Wich is Foun Town. Upon arriving there,they notice a bunch of clouds hovering over the down. These clouds are striking multiple buildings with lightning. Tadpillow then urges Derome to make his way to the center of the town.

After arriving there,Derome meets the Mayor of the town. The Mayor tells Derome that a gang of cloud beings arrived recently and started striking the city with lighting. And thanks to all the water around,alot of damage has been dealt. The Mayor also mentions that a Mermaid girl stopped by and offered to fight the clouds,but she hasn't returned since. After the Mayor describes the girl,Derome makes it his next objective to meet this girl.

Finding a new Partner.

After leaving the town and getting into the sky,Derome runs into the Mini-Boss of the location. This Mini Boss has the girl imprissoned. Derome recognizes the girl and both him and Prince Tadpillow prepare to fight.

After defeating the boss,The girl is freed from her prison. The girl,Called Lorei, Recognizes Derome and his happy to see him. After explaining how she got there,she offers to join the party.

The Boss of Foun Town.

After reaching the highest point of the sky,You meet the one responsible for the constant lightning strikes. Known as the Drummer Cloud. The drummer tells Derome that he has to destroy the towns under the orders of empress Marelyn. Derome and his party prepare to take on the drummer.

Defeating the Boss

After defeating the Drummer Cloud,he slowly disappears and all the clouds that struck the town with lightning slowly start to disappear. Derome's squad heads back to Foun Town to tell everyone that there's no longer a threat.

After that,You make your way back to the Tadpillow Kingdom. The queen then informs Derome another village has been under attack by empress Marelyn's Troops. Derome and His squad then heads towards the New location.

Chapter 2

Arriving at Bloo Moo Village.

Derome,Prince Tadpillow and Lorei arrive at their Next Destination. Bloo Moo Village. Upon arriving there,they notice some U.F.O.'s hovering above a barn. The trio then make their way there to see what's going on.

Upon arriving at the barn,they see the U.F.O.'s taking the cows that are on the barn. The trio then prepare to fight the U.F.O. 

After getting rid of the U.F.O. the owners of the barn thank the party and inform them that the alliens have been trying to steal their cows as of late. One of the residents suggest that the base might be located in the sky. As soon as they finish talking,A rocket lands falls from the sky alongside a bunch of other meteors. Derome and his party quickly make their way to where the rocket crashed.

The Crash Landing.

Upon arriving to where to rocket crashed,Derome and his allies see a kid in a Space Suit laying on the ground. You need to feed him a healing potion to wake him up. After you do so,the Astronaut wakes up and recognizes Derome. The Astronaut (Called Nate) informs Derome that he tried to fly towards the base of the aliens,but they managed to overwhelm him and sent him crashing towards the forest. Nate then looks at his ship and sees that a couple of parts are missing. He asks Derome to help him look for the Ship parts and joins his party to help him.


Playable Characters

Characters Description
Derome Render 1
Derome: The protagonist of the game. He is the leader of the group and stays in your squad at all times. He is a very shy kid and doesn't talk unless he needs to answer something.

His main weapon is a blade that he gets after completing the tutorial temple. This magical sword is capable of shooting blade beams. He can perform the following attacks:

  • Normal Attack: Derome strikes the enemy with his sword.
  • Blade Beam: Allows Derome to shoot a blade beam forward. Costs 6 DP to use.
  • Spin Attack: Unlocked after reaching a certain level. He will spin around and strike every enemy. Costs 12 DP to use.
  • Nap Strike: Unlocked after reaching a certain level. Whoever is struck by his beam will be put to sleep. Costs 20 DP to use.
Prince Tadpillow With Chain

Prince Tadpillow: The person that brought Derome to the Dream World and the Prince of the Tadpillow Kingdom . He's usually the one that gives the tutorial. He can perform the following attacks:

  • Normal Attack: Tadpillow stomps on the opponent.
  • Frog of Healing: Tadpillow will cast a spell that heals his teammates. Costs 10 DP to use.
  • Poison Tongue: Unlocked after reaching a certain level. Tadpillow will stick his tongue out at 2 enemies and poison them. Costs 15 DP to use.
DB Lorei Render
Lorei: This young girl is a friend of Derome. Always wanting to be a Mermaid,she takes the form of one in the Dream World. She joins your party after defeating the Mini-Boss of Foun Town.

She excels at Water Spells and has a lot of DP at her dispossal. These spells can cause the opponents to miss their attacks. He can perform the following attacks:

  • Normal Attack: Lorei will pull out a leaf fan and strike the enemy with it.
  • Splash Attack: Lorei will strike the ground and send a wave forward. This move has a chance of making the opponent miss. Costs 8 DP to use.
  • Water Bomb: Unlocked after reaching a certain level. Lorei will create a water bomb and throw it. The range of the explosion can catch 3 opponents. This move has a chance of making opponents miss attacks. Costs 15 DP to use.
1.0.DB Nate
Nate: This kid is another Friend of Derome. He dreams of exploring space one day and as such,takes the form of an astronaut in the Dream World. He joins you after saving crash landing in the Bloo Moo Village.

He Mainly attacks by punching and using a Blaster. Thanks to his space suit,he has a lot of defense.

  • Normal Attack: Nate will Punch the opponent 3 times.
  • Moon Blaster: Nate will aim his blaster at the Enemy and shoot at it. The shot from the blaster deals splash damage to enemies near the one you aimed at. Costs. 12 DP to use.
  • Rocket Dash: Unlocked after reaching a certain level. Nate will hop on a small rocket and try to crash into an enemy. The explosion deals splash damage to enemies that are close. Costs 18 DP to use.


NPC Description
Croakling: The residents of the Tadpillow Kingdom. These humanoid frogs all have their own stories to tell and some of them will give you advice. Most of them are mopping due their prince being transform into a chid.
Queen Pondrea Tadpillow
Queen Pondrea Tadpillow: The Queen of the Tadpillow Kingdom. She tells you about the treath when you arrive at her castle for the first time and she will often give you directions.
Fountain Star Man 1
Fountain Starman: The residents of Foun Town. They can usually be found swimming around the town and gazing at the sky. Lately most of them have been hiding from all the attacks.
Fountain Star Mayor
Fountain Star Major: The Mayor of Foun Town. He's the oldest Starman in Foun Town and also the wisest. He's the one that give Derome directions when he arrives at Foun Town.
2.Bloo Cow
Blue Cow: Animals that reside in the Bloo Moo Village. Thanks to them,the Villagers are capable of Making Iron Milk.

Battle System


If you run into an enemy,You'll enter a battle where Derome and 3 of his parters can be out on the field. You can swap partness outside and inside of battle. After earning enough EXP,You can level up the following stats.

HP (Health Points): Increases the amount of damage a character can take. When it reaches 0, the character is knocked out and unable to fight unless revived. If all the characters are knocked out,It'll result in a Game Over and you'll restart from where you last saved.

DP (Dream Points): Increases the amount of Dream Points a character can have. Dream Points are needed to perform special attacks.

Power: Increases the amount of Damage you deal during battle. This stat can also be increased with some gear.

Defense: Decreases the amount of Damage you take from enemies. This stat can also be increased with some gear.

Morale: Increase the chance of you landing a critical hit. Critical hits deal 3 times more damage than a regular hit.


Whenever the enemy is attacking,you can block or parry and attack by tapping the right button. Whenever it's your turn,you can select one of the following actions.

Attack: Allows you to attack the enemy with your weapon. These attacks are very weak,but they don't cost any DP.

Special: Allows you to perform a special attack that deals a lot of damage but costs a certain amount of DP. You'll learn more special moves as you level up.

Item: Allows you to use an item,wich can be bought in the stores.

Other: Allows you to chose two options. Block,wich increases you defense for a turn. and Run,wich allows you to run from battle. There's a chance you'll fail to run away during normal battles and you can't run away at all during Boss Battles.


Battle Items

0.DB Platinum Coin
1.DB Green Chocolate Apple
Platinum Coin: The main currency of the Dream World. Enemies will often drop them and you can find them in treasure chests. Red Choco Apple: This will heal 20 HP if you eat it. You can buy them from stores,find them in trees and some enemies will drop them. Green Choco Apple: This will heal 40 HP if you eat it. You can buy them from stores,find them in trees and some enemies will drop them. They're a bit more difficult to get and cost more than red apples.
2.DB Yellow Chocolate Apple
3.DB Golden Chocolate Apple
Dream Potion
Yellow Choco Apple: This will heal 80 HP if you eat it. You can buy them from stores,find them in trees and some enemies will drop them. They're more difficult to get and cost more than red and green apples. Golden Choco Apple: This will fully heal you if you eat it. You can buy them from stores,find them in trees and some enemies will drop them. These are the rarest and most expensive of the apples. Red Dream Potion: This will heal 20 DP if you drink it. They can be bought from stores and sometimes they're found in chests.
1.DB Green Potion
2.DB Blue Potion
3.DB Golden Potion
Green Dream Potion: This will heal 40 DP if you drink it. They can be bought from stores and sometimes they're found in chests. They're a bit more difficult to get and cost more than red Potion. Blue Dream Potion: This will heal 80 DP if you drink it. They can be bought from stores and sometimes they're found in chests. They're more difficult to get and cost more than red and green Potion. Golden Dream Potion: This will heal all of your DP if you drink it. They can be bought from stores and sometimes they're found in chests. These are the rarest and most expensive of the potions.
2.DB Strong Turnip
4.DB Item 3 Iron Milk
4.DB Item 1 Poison Glass
Stenght Turnip: This vegetable will boost your Power for a couple of turns. Iron Milk: This Blue Milk will boost your Defense for a couple of turns. Poison Glass: You will throw a glass forward and poison enemies for a couple of turns.

Important Items

Items Description
1.2.Nate Ship Parts
Space Ship Parts: Found in Chapter 2. These parts have scattered around the forest close to the Bloo Moo Village. All 5 need to be collected in order to rebuild Nate's spaceship. Each part is Guarded by an Enemy.
1.3.Nate Ship Completed
SS Nate: Found in Chapter 2. This is what Nate's ship looks like after all the parts have been gathered. This spaceship is used to travel to the base of this chapter's enemy.


Normal Enemies

In this game,enemies will appear on the field and you will enter battle if you run into them.

Blade Head Render
Knightmare Render
Winged Knightmare Render
Blade Head: A sentient blade that can be found in the Tutorial Temple. Their blades aren't very sharp,So they don't deal a lot of damage when attacking you. They attack by.
  • Running towards you and headbutting you.
Knightmare: Knights that serve Empress Marelyn. They have more Defense and Power than the Blade heads and are more common than them. They will attack by:
  • Running towards you and headbutting you.
  • Shooting spikes at you.
Winged Knightmare: Winged versions of the Knights that serve Empress Marelyn. Thanks to their wings,they're capable of evading normal attacks. They will attack by.
  • Dive bombing towards the opponent.
  • Shooting spikes at you.
0.DB Shielded Knightmare
1.DB Swatter Fly
2.DB Treasured Fly
Shielded Knightmare: Shielded versions of the Knights that serve Empress Marelyn. Thanks to their shields,they can block special attacks. You can lower their guard by normally attacking their shields. They attack by.
  • Running towards you and headbutting you.
  • Shooting spikes at you.
Swatter Fly: Enemies of the Croaklings. They thanks to their wings,they can dodge your normal attacks very easily. They attack by.
  • Fly around you and try to make you dizzy.
  • Swatting you with their fly swatters.
Treasured Fly: Golden Versions of the Swatter Flies. They have no weapon and they don't attack you. They will spend most of their turns preparing to run away. Defeating them will give you a lot of loot.
1.DB Sleepy Meladie
2.DB Motivated Meladie
3.DB Protective Meladie
Sleepy Meladie: These sentient notes love to sing and put people to sleep. They do the following in battle:
  • Singing in an attempt to putting you to sleep.
  • Shooting music notes at you.
Motivating Meladie: sentient notes that like to motivate their allies. They do the following in battle.
  • Singing to make their partners stronger.
  • Shooting music notes at you that deal fire damage.
Protective Meladie: sentient notes that do their best to defend their allies. They do the following in battle.
  • Singing to increase the defense of their partners
  • Shooting music notes at you.
DB Blobber
DB Radiyo
3.1. Hydra Butterfly
Blobber: These green monsters love to throw bombs around. They Attack By:
  • Throwing Bombs at you that can hit 2 members of your party.
  • Striking with their tail.
  • Blocking normal attacks with their chest.
Radiyo: a small can filled with poison. It attacks by:
  • Spraying your party with Poison.
  • Spinning into your party.
  • They're prepare to self destruct if their health is low.

Hydra Butterfly: A Butterfly made from the water from Foun Town. They attack by.

  • Healing their enemies with their water.
  • Squirting water at your party.
0.1.DB Kiro
0.2.DB Winged Kiro
0.3.DB Spiked Kiro
Kiro: A potato-like enemy with a burning passion to kill. Terrible at it though. During Battle,They will:
  • Roll at you with a chance of lowering your defense.
  • Boost their Defense.
Winded Kiro: Winged versions of the Kiro. They have a much easier time dodging attacks than the regular Kiro. But they're much weaker. They do the following in battle:
  • Try to ram you with a chance of burying you and rendering you unable to use a few turns.
  • Boost their Defense.
Spiked Kiro: These Kiros are much more dangerous than the regular and winged variants. Thanks to their spike,They deal much more damage and are immune to Normal Attacks or attacks that require you to use your body. They attack by:
  • Trying to strike you with their spike. With a chance of dealing a critical hit.
  • Boosting their Defense.
4.1.DB Octovine
1.1.DB U.F.M.
Octovine: A Eight-Legged plant being that likes to swim.  They're very weak to ice but get healed by water attacks. They attack by.
  • Striking with their vine tentacles.
  • Poisoning enemies.
  • Clinging onto a partner for a few turns and damaging them.
U.F.M.: An Unidentified Floating Minion.They attack by.
  • Bashing one of your party members.
  • Trying to abduct one of your party members,Making you unable to use them for a certain amount of turns.



Bosses Description
Triscorp Cloud: The Mini-Boss of Foun Town. He attacks by Doing the following:
  • Stinging your party with it's arms and tail.
  • Shooting lightning at them and stunning them.
  • Splitting into two. Attacking the faker will cause it to disappear.
DB Lightning Drumcloud
Drummer Cloud: The Boss of Foun Town and the reason why Fount Town has been under constant lightning strikes. He attacks by Doing the following:
  • Banging his drums and striking your party
  • Poking your party with his sticks
  • Summoning minions
  • Raining on your party and lowering their defense.


Location Description
2.DB Rest Field
Rest Fields: The forest where the game begins. You need to explore the area a bit to reach the tutorial temple,where you'll learn how to fight.
DB Tadpillow Kingdom
Tadpillow Kingdom: Prince Tadpillow's home and the location where you'll access other locations. The villagers welcome you with open arms and this is where you have easy access to shops and inns.
1.DB Foun Town
Foun Town: A town famous for having a lot of fountains and water. Thanks to a nightmare cloud that's hovering above the city,The town has been constanly struck by lightning.

The fountains have healing properties. As such,if you step in them and relax,your HP and DP will be slowly healed.

1.DB Bloo Moo Farm
Bloo Moo Village: A village filled with Farmers and Blue Cows. This is where items like the Iron Milk are produced. Upon arriving there,the village is under attack by alliens.



  • This is the first IP made by Nightcap Devs.
  • The game takes inspiration from multiple games.
    • The main character's design is based off Ness from Earthbound.
    • The Plot of the game is based off the Plot from Kirby's Adventure.
    • The Battle System is based off Super Mario RPG.
    • Foun Town is based off the Fountain of Dreams.
    • Nate's Design and the Quest to find his ship parts is based off Pikmin.
  • Derome's name is based off the word "Droom". Wich is Dutch for "Dream".


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