Dread in his armor.

Dread (some call him Sir Dread) is a RedYoshi series character who debuted in the TriHeroes Series, making his first appearance in TriHeroes Baseball. He made his his first RY series appearance in UltraRedYoshi, where he was a knight who used to work for BlackYoshi. Dread is quiet, serious, and calm. He is shown to have a dark side, and is easily tempered. The knight prefers to work alone, but in UltraRedYoshi, he temporarily joined RedYoshi and the gang to kill Tabuu, a powerful villain who does not appear in a series such as the RY series.

Dread wields one of the three the legendary weapons, the Sword of Might. He gave it to RedYoshi to defeat Tabuu, and after he was defeated, RedYoshi gladly gave it back. Dread claims he found the Sword in BlackYoshi's "garden", rusty from no one even touching it. After Dread held the Sword for the first time, he magically gained his armor. Dread has never been seen without his armor on.


TriHeroes Baseball

Dread made his first game appearance in the TriHeroes Series game, TriHeroes Baseball. He uses the Sword of Might to bat. Dread is one of the most powerful character in the game, and one of fastest. He has a good arm for fielding, but is not a very good pitcher. He has good chemistry with Rhode and bad chemistry with BlackYoshi, BlackBirdo, and The Groo.


Dread made his RY series debut in UltraRedYoshi. He is playable in the Battle mode. His Stats are:
HP: 89
Offense: 8/10
Defense: 4/10
Speed: 10/10

Fantendo Kart DS

Dread is an unlockable racer in Fantendo Kart DS. He is a heavyweight character. The player unlocks him by getting a Gold Trophy in 150cc Sysop Cup.


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