Experiment DR-4YY Neutral
140 cm
125 lbs
3 years old Soul Vessel
Drayy Final
FULL NAME Experiment DR-4YY
POWERS Enhanced Senses, Soul Manipulation
BIRTHDAY 21st Of February 2016
ALIGNMENT Neutral Good



Alec (Based Off), Verroxx (Creator)


Dogs, Novels, Painting, Electronic Music


Fell, His Destiny, Cats, Superhero Movies


Experiment DR-4YY "Drayy" is a major playable character in Blood Moon, an original fighting game created by developer Frogworks. He was created as a clone of the world's hero, Alec, by the mysterious scientist Verrox.


Drayy was created by a mysterious scientist named Verrox, who aimed to harness the power of souls to create an eternal superweapon. First in a planned group of supersoldiers, he was found to be sentient and abandoned, left to die in the acidic oceans of the planet Xhylux. Eventually being found by the Crusaders, a group of superheroes working for the government of the Citadel, he was deemed a major threat due to his ability to wield the Soul Blade, a legendary weapon blessed by The Creep, creator of the Nightflame Galaxy. Left on the outer rim planet Sagrin, he resigned himself to a quiet life of farming and fishing. However, when the chosen hero Alec, who captured Drayy all those years ago, crashed down into Castle Town, an undead invasion lead by the being Fell soon followed. After expending almost all of his energy, Alec sacrificed his own life to save Drayy, and instructed him to destroy Fell. Guided by Eeo, a robotic assistant designed to guide the blade's wielder, Drayy set out to end Fell's reign of terror, eventually happening upon the fallen city of Sha-Goran shortly before the events of Blood Moon


Drayy has a limited degree of soul manipulation, able to harness lost souls and use them in combat. However, his abilities are limited to those untethered to any mortal body. The main way he uses this is by channeling through the Soul Blade and into his body, modifying it in several ways so he can gain an advantage, depending on the soul's previous owner. This does have some limitations though, and if he stores too many souls his body will begin to breakdown from the immense ethereal enery stored within, though this cap is higher than it would be for a normal enemy. He has the physiology of a normal human, though slightly enhanced in all aspects.


Drayy appears the same as a normal human, with chocolate brown skin and dark spiky hair. His eyes are bright green, and one of his hands has been replaced with a green, two fingered claw which he can channel soul energy through. He tends to wear an old lab coat and a pair of jeans. He wields the Soul Blade, a silver blade with ethereal energy running through it that shimmers in bright light and can create portals.


  • He is the second incarnation of the character to exist

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