Drawn to Life 3 (tentative title) is an upcoming game by 5th Cell and Raindrop Studios for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a sequel to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, being the third game in the series. It is available as both eShop download and as a retail cartridge.


The story takes place rather shortly after the events of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, about a year later, despite the hinting at the end of the Raposa world in the previous game. The Raposa World lives on after Mike woke up; however, Mike himself is not anymore present.

After Wilfre was defeated, he retreated to create new plans, as shown in the very beginning of the game. The town had become peaceful, and the Turtle Rock was now utilised as an extension of the town as more and more people had been arriving in the town.

However, after Wilfre had hid himself again, another person showed up, being Luci, caretaker of colours and brightness. She desires to take revenge on Wilfre, after he had been removing the colours she had been taking care of for so long.

At the moment Wilfre returns to the town, Luci takes her chance and attacks him, and thus also the town, with many colours and as a consequence, Wilfre uses counterattacks resulting into a war between both parties.

Then it is the player's task to clear the areas of all the shadow and colour. They have to rub off the shadow and colour off the levels and defeat the bosses at the end of the levels to save the imprisoned Raposa.

When the player defeats Wilfre and Luci much later, there are still many optional levels to be played with many optional Raposa in captivity.


The game is rather similar to the previous handheld titles; the town has a different layout, where the player sees the area from the top. The levels themselves are platforming. This time, there are three parties; one being the shadow, one being the colour and one being the player themselves. The player has to defeat the first two, which will often also be fighting against each other resulting in battles between the three groups, which is also how the final battle goes.



Name Image Descr
Hero N/A The player character. Each hero can be entirely drawn by the player using the touch screen. They can create a total of 5 heroes to play as, and the different heroes will be acknowledged by the Raposa.
Mari Mari Mari is the mayor of the town. Her love interest is Jowee. She often worries about everything.
Jowee Jowee Jowee is Mari's best friend and love interest. He is very carefree and adventurous.
Wilfre Wilfre Wilfre is one of the two main antagonists of the game. He represents darkness and tries to remove all colour from the world.
Luci Luci is the second antagonist, who represents colour and light. She tries to remove all colourless things from the world and plots a war against Wilfre.
Heather Heather Heather is a Raposa girl who is partially covered in shadow. She is controlled by Wilfre in one part of the game and by Luci in a few other parts.


Name Image Descr
Isaac Isaac Isaac runs the only shop in the village. Since the previous games, his store is expanding more.
Mya Mya Mya is Isaac's wife. She often complains about everything.
Cindi Cindi Cindi is Isaac and Mya's child.
Tubba Tubba Tubba is a very fat Raposa who loves to eat. He has a twin brother named Bubba, who is very close to him.
Bubba Bubba Bubba is a very fat Raposa who loves to eat. He has a twin brother named Tubba, who is very close to him.
Chef Cookie ChefCookie Cookie is the chef of the town, who cooks food which is loved by everyone. He also hosts the Midnight festival. He speaks with a French accent.
Crazy Barks CrazyBarks Crazy Barks is a crazy but harmless Raposa.
Galileo Galileo Galileo is a very smart Raposa who studies the stars. Others say he is the smartest Raposa.
Officer Cricket Cricket Cricket is a policeman and detective from the town.
Unagi Unagi Unagi is a secret agent who protects the mayor of the town. He is the polar opposite of Cricket and dislikes his old fashioned ways.
Dr. Cure DrCure Cure is the doctor of the town.
NavyJ NavyJ NavyJ is a singer and dancer who writes his own songs, although many of the villagrs find the lyrics of them to be weird and odd.
Pirate Beard PirateBeard Beard is a pirate who can also control the Turtle Rock.
Samuel Samuel Samuel is a wise Raposa who dresses like a monk.
Indee Indee Indee is an adventurer and world traveller.
Farmer Brown FarmerBrown Brown produces the village's Banya crops, one of the few food supplies.
Zsasha Zsasha Zsasha is a thief from the town who is often looked down upon, because he has a past of stealing things.
Count Choco CountChoco Choco is a vampire wannabe who despises blood and prefers tomato juice.
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