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Dragon Queen Female
180 lbs
19 years old Dragon/Human
Dragon Queen, heir to the throne of Dragon Kings
FULL NAME Dragon Queen
POWERS Elemental Attacks, Flight, Punch Attacks
BIRTHDAY January 21, 1999
OCCUPATION(S) Dragon Queen

Fighting, Goofing off


Gangeem, Elemental Hands


Dragon Queen is a character that debuts in Super Smash Bros. Discord as a brand new starting character for beginners. Said to be from a long line of fighters known as the Dragon Kings, the Dragon Queen is the first woman to take the title. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a new starting character for beginners for the roster, as Mario in Super Smash Bros. Discord had been reworked to the point where he no longer felt like this for newcomers to the franchise.

The character's reception has been overall positive despite the initial controversy.


Dragon Queen is a red haired woman with dark skin. She has four prominent horns on the top of her head and a set of wings that reflects what elemental ability she is tapping into- by default, this is fire. She can also tap into ice, which will create giant ice crystals between her wings, earthly green crystals for the earth element, and thunder for the thunder element. She wears an orange gi with a black binder around the torso, which is tied together with blue and red rope. She wears black baggy pants that are deceptively freeing for movement, and has blue soled shoes. Additionally, she has an orange dragon tail.


Despite her royal title, Dragon Queen lives the fighters lifestyle of going around, looking for worthy opponents to take on to make herself tougher and stronger. She has a habit of being rather lazy and shirking her own responsibilities that extend past fighting, being somewhat goofy as well. Over the course of the story of X Marks the Spot, she matures somewhat and takes the expectations placed upon her more seriously.

Dragon Queen considers herself a relative newcomer compared to the individuals around her and takes their criticism rather seriously, taking any kind of insult to heart. She does not linger on compliments or praise too long, as she does not see herself as worthy of that kind of thing initially. One could say she's powered by spite and the feeling of wanting to overcome her failings.


Super Smash Bros. Discord

Dragon Queen appears in Super Smash Bros. Discord as her debut appearance, appearing as the very first character in the default selection of characters. This is due to her placement as an original character to the Smash universe as well as her role as a beginner's character. Dragon Queen's simplicity is very deceptive- through customs, she can become a wildly different character due to her elemental shifting abilities, which are shown through her wings. As such, she best illustrates the kind of movement shifts that can now occur with customs. Dragon Queen is also one of the many characters to have a jump hold, which allows her to flutter slowly while in the air, slowing her descent. As such, Dragon Queen is more or less the perfect character to illustrate the changes to the battle system of Discord while also introducing both new and old players to how to play the game.

Her role in X Marks the Spot is currently unknown, although it is known she will go through character development over the story's arc.

Nintendo All-Stars Chess

Dragon Queen makes an appearance in Nintendo All-Stars Chess as a Hero Piece in the game. She shifts her movement over the course of turns on the field. She initially starts moving like a Queen, then in the next turn she moves like a Rook, before moving like a Bishop in the turn after that. The next turn after that she will act like a Queen again, playing through these movement changes in a three turn loop. This ability is a reference to her own shifting abilities.

Super Smash Bros. Swansong

Dragon Queen makes her first appearance in a non-Toroko title in Super Smash Bros. Swansong, where she appears as a starting character in the roster similar to her appearance in Super Smash Bros. Discord. Unlike her appearance there though, she has some of her customs integrated into her moveset as customs are not a thing in Doodle's Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Something

Dragon Queen makes an appearence in Super Smash Bros. Something. Unlike other appearences, she is an unlockable character, due to being added late into the game's development. Her moveset is largely unchanged from Discord, however due to the exclusions of custom moves she only attacks with fire. She is the last character fought in the All-Star Tower. In War of Dimensions, she makes a sudden appearence near the end of the story, once again due to how late she was added to the roster. She appears before the final fight against Corrupted Emelga, destroying the core and preventing her from reaching her max power. She participates in the final fight, and escapes the Shadow Fortress alongside the other fighters. In Super Smash Bros. Something Deluxe, Dragon Queen's rival is Captain Falcon, as both characters fight primarily with fire, and are both based off of Dragon King: The Fighting Game, the original concept for Super Smash Bros.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Fantendo Smash Bros. Battleground

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Dragon Queen appears in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! as part of the Green Faction, the team consisting of Nintendo fan characters.

Fighting Spirit
Special Move: Loyalty to the Scales
Four dragons surround Dragon Queen in a wheel behind her as she unleashes four flaming geysers across the opposite arena floor, damaging foes on the other team with the flame geysers.

Super Smash Bros Accelerant

Dragon queen makes a appearence in Super Smash Bros Accelerant as a starter and one of ''The original 8'', also with a redesign. She appears in the prologue: An assasin from another world, with the 4 main protagonists, also with Gangeem, Shadokon and Emelga. Her moveset is largely unchanged from Discord, however due to the exclusions of custom moves she only attacks with fire. Her redesign is this:

Dragon Queen's Redesign Artwork

Powers and Abilities

Dragon Queen has dragon based abilities, which alter depending on what element she taps into. She can currently tap into the Fire, Ice, Earth, and Thunder elements, although it is hinted she can tap into more if given the proper training. These alter her wing designs, giving the player clear visual indication of what move she is using.

Specific Abilities

Special Moves

  • Burning Knuckle - Dragon Queen breathes fire on her glove and jabs it forward, landing it in her opponent's stomach, causing them to fly back horizontally. A good keepaway melee attack.
    • Freezing Knuckle - Dragon Queen breathes ice on her glove and jabs it forward, creating a piercing sword-like attack that will freeze opponents if they are hit with just the tip.
    • Shocking Knuckle - Dragon Queen breathes thunder on her glove and jabs it forward, shocking the opponent and causing them to flinch but not get knocked back.
    • Tectonic Knuckle - Dragon Queen breathes gaia energy on her glove and jabs it forward, creating shockwaves across the ground that stun opponents before knocking them away. It deals fairly heavy damage but has a longer start up time.
  • Dragon Flame - Dragon Queen blasts a burst of flame in front of her, releasing it as a giant ball of fire that goes horizontally. She can charge up this burst of flame to deal even more damage. The attack in total does scaling damage depending on it's level of charge.
    • Dragon Glacier - Dragon Queen breathes out a giant glacier that slides across the ground before starting to lose friction and then melting away. The attack does the most damage at the start, dealing less damage at it's farthest possible point. Has a longer start up.
    • Dragon Spark - Dragon Queen breathes out a ball of thunder that zips in a diagonal pattern, doing a fair bit of damage. Has a longer start up.
    • Dragon Crystal - Dragon Queen breathes out green crystal shards embedded with gaia energy, which encase the opponent in dirt for light damage, but prevent them from being able to move for a short time.
  • Tail Sweep - Dragon Queen soars upwards, allowing her extra height to use her jumps while her tail reflects projectiles and does light damage on contact with opponents. Acts as both a loose recovery move and a loose counter, although the timing needs to be concise.
    • Tail Rotor - Dragon Queen soars upwards as her tail spins rapidly, blowing opponents and projectiles while not able to do any damage. Has a higher jump height than Tail Sweep.
    • Tail Tornado - Dragon Queen jumps forward and unleashes a tornado with her tail that stays on screen for two seconds before fizzling out. The tornado deals very light damage for each three frames that the opponent is trapped inside of it in.
    • Tail Whip - Dragon Queen jumps forward and lashes out her tongue like a whip, dealing some damage and high knockback.
  • Dragon's Gate - Dragon Queen charges up a burst of flame and blows it out forwards, able to burn up projectiles and keep foes away from her by dealing burning damage.
    • Dragon's Wall - Dragon Queen breathes out an ice wall that freezes opponents on contact, dealing freezing damage. Has longer start up.
    • Dragon's Aura - Dragon Queen surrounds herself in electricity, making contact with her deals electrical damage. This wears off after 4 seconds.
    • Dragon's Fence - Dragon Queen breathes out giant green green crystal wall that reflects projectiles. The wall shatters after three projectiles hits it.
  • Loyalty to the Scales - Dragon Queen's Final Smash. Four dragons surround Dragon Queen in a wheel behind her as she unleashes four flaming geysers to the left and right of the stage (which deal heavy damage), able to shoot flaming projectiles (dealing lighter damage) to toss her opponents towards the flames on the left and right of the stages until the timer runs out.


  • Dragon Queen is based off the original concept for Super Smash Bros., which was a prototype game called Dragon King. Her backstory even mentions these Dragon Kings, of which there are a total of six before her. The reference to six before her are a reference to the six Super Smash Bros. games, of which Sakurai all sees as separate games. As a nod to the Wii U and 3DS installments, the fourth and fifth Dragon Kings were mentioned to be twins who dueled for the throne with an unclear winner.
  • Dragon Queen was partially inspired by Hama from Eternika fame as well as her roots.
  • While Dragon Queen's design is not truly inspired by the original Dragon King designs due to their very simplistic nature, her colors of blue and orange are, as they are taken from one of the screenshots for the Dragon King prototype. Additionally, her gi is thought to be a reference to the font used for the damage percentages.
  • Dragon Queen and Captain Falcon have a team-up name together known as Dragon Punchers. This is a reference to how Captain Falcon is thought to use what remains of the Dragon King prototype in his iconic Super Smash Bros. moveset. The "Punchers" part of the title is a reference to how both of their neutral Bs are powerful punch moves.
  • Apparently Sactown Studios confirmed that she was considered for the roster of Super Smash Bros. Galactic Battle at several points, but was scrapped in the end.