Dratini, an example of a Dragon type Pokémon.

The Dragon type is one of the eighteen official types from the Pokémon franchise. The Dragon type is one of the more elusive types that is usually encountered late in the games, and usually evolve on high levels, contrary to the Bug type. Averagely, the Dragon type has the best base stats overall, and a good amount of Legendary and Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon are Dragon-type.

Despite being only weak to itself, Dragon type Pokémon usually hold high Attack and Special Attack, as well as wide and varying movepools that can counter against its main two weaknesses: Ice and Fairy, the latter being completely immune to Dragon attacks, and the former being especially dangerous to Dragon/Flying and Dragon/Ground Pokémon. Dragon's wide movepool is also useful against the Steel type, which is the only other type that resist Dragon.

Despite the Dragon type being weak to Ice, Fairy and Dragon itself, it is able to resist four main types, being Water, Grass, Fire and Electric. The former three are actually common starter types, and the last one is also common to use.

As of Generation VI, there are 41 Dragon-type Pokémon or 5.7% of all Pokémon (counting those that are Dragon-type in at least one of their forms, including Mega Evolutions), making it the 4th rarest type after Ghost, Fairy and Ice. Only 11 of them are pure Dragon-type, with Haxorus and Goodra being the only ones fully evolved, and Druddigon being the only one that can't evolve. Concerning dual-typed Pokémon, there are about as many primary Dragon-types as secondary Dragon-types.

The Dragon type consists of dragons and other legendary or reptilian creatures. A good amount are part of the Dragon Egg Group. Interestingly, not all Dragon-type Pokémon are actually based on dragons, but dinosaurs, like Haxorus or Tyrantrum (this is because the Japanese name of a dinosaur is 恐竜 (Kyōryū), literally meaning "scary dragon" or "fear dragon"). Even more interestingly, some Dragon-type Pokémon aren't based on reptiles at all, or seem to be a cross between a non-reptile and a dragon, like Altaria, Noivern and Flygon. Seahorses like Kingdra and Dragalge also seem to be part of the Dragon type, both being based on the weedy sea dragon.

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In the official Pokémon games, notable Trainers who specialize in Dragon-type Pokémon are Lance, the current Champion of the Indigo Plateau, Clair of Blackthorn City, Drake of the Hoenn Elite Four, Drayden of Opelucid City, Iris, the current Champion of the Unova Pokémon League, and Drasna of the Kalos Elite Four.


Pure Dragon-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Type
147 147MS Dragon Normal

148 148MS Dragon Normal

371 371MS Dragon Normal

372 372MS Dragon Normal

610 610MS Dragon Normal

611 611MS Dragon Normal

612 612MS Dragon Normal

621 621MS Dragon Normal

704 704MS Dragon Normal

705 705MS Dragon Normal

706 706MS Dragon Normal

782 782MS Dragon Normal

783 783MS Dragon Normal

Please note that these only apply to certain Pokémon games.

Primary Dragon-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Type
149 149MS Dragon flying

373 373MS Dragon Flying

380 380MS Dragon Psychic

381 381MS Dragon Psychic

384 384MS Dragon Flying

443 443MS Dragon Ground

444 444MS Dragon Ground

445 445MS Dragon Ground

643 643MS Dragon Fire

644 644MS Dragon Electric

646 646MS Dragon Ice

718T px Dragon Ground

718 718MS Dragon Ground

718C px Dragon Ground

784 784MS Dragon Sound

885 885MS Dragon Ghost

886 886MS Dragon Ghost

887 887MS Dragon Ghost

Please note that these only apply to certain Pokémon games.

Secondary Dragon-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Type
103A 103AMS Grass Dragon

130 130MS Water Dragon

142 142MS Rock Dragon

230 230MS Water Dragon

329 329MS Ground Dragon

330 330MS Ground Dragon

483 483MS Steel Dragon

484 484MS Water Dragon

487 487MS Ghost Dragon

487O px Ghost Dragon

633 633MS Dark Dragon

634 634MS Dark Dragon

635 635MS Dark Dragon

696 696MS Rock Dragon

697 697MS Rock Dragon

714 714MS Sound Dragon

715 715MS Sound Dragon

776 776MS Fire Dragon

780 780MS Normal Dragon

799 799MS Dark Dragon

800 800MS Psychic Dragon

804 px Poison Dragon

840 840MS Grass Dragon

841 841MS Grass Dragon

842 842MS Grass Dragon

880 880MS Electric Dragon

882 px Water Dragon

884 884MS Steel Dragon

890 890MS Poison Dragon

Please note that these only apply to certain Pokémon games.
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