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DragonMan is a character in the PalmMan series. He is recurring throughout the series but is PalmMan's best friend and apprentice in most games.


Dragonman is kidnapped by MineMan in PalmMan. Being Dragonman's trainer, PalmMan goes to get him back.

PalmMan 2

Dragonman is yet again kidnapped in PalmMan 2. This time, PalmMan goes through time and disguises himself to get him back.

PalmMan 3: Divide and Conquer

Dragonman is for the first time playable in PalmMan 3.

PalmMan 4: Reversed

Dragonman must save PalmMan with help from McQueen Mario in PalmMan 4.

PalmMan 5: Chaos Inverted

Dragonman becomes playable after the The Center of the Ruins level in PalmMan 5: Chaos Inverted.

PalmMan Battle Network

This is either your end as a hero, or my end as a villain. Which is it, Palm?
Spike.EXE, PalmMan Battle Network

In PalmMan Battle Network, DragonMan is the NetNavi of Tyler, named Spike.EXE. He is Palm.EXE's best friend, but gets in a fight and then gets persuaded to delete Palm.

PalmMan Online

Dragonman is the Vice President of 4.5 in PalmMan Online. He holds meetings, and gives you keys to levels and also gives you tips and hints.


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