Drafeus is a Fire/Electric type Pokemon introduced in Generation VI. It is known as the STORM Pokemon. Unlike its pre-evolutions, it appears to be a weasel rather than a squirrel. It evolves from Chawqa at LV 40.


Height: 3"07"/1.1m

Weight: 168.9 lbs/76.6 kg

Special Abilities: Drafeus can create thunderstorms by howling at the sky.

Behaviour: Like Ursaring and Tyranitar, Drafeus protect Chawqa from enemies.

In the anime

Drafeus, with its baby Chawqa, are abducted by Extreme X, the main villain in the film. Drafeus later caused chaos in a town once it came out from the lab because Extreme X forced it to work for him. However, the alternate coloured Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres stopped it from spreaing chaos. In the ending, it can be seen going to Ritto by ship with Cody and Chawqa.

In the manga

Pokemon Adventures

A Drafeus attacked Sun, Moon, Bridget, Holly, Roger, and Henry while he and his friends are in Sunset Forest. Until Sun notice that Drafeus has a thorn stuck in her tail. After Sun took out the thorn, Drafeus thanked him by licking him. While Sun and his friends made it through Sunset Forest Drafeus followed the Rookies. Sun realize that Drafeus wants to travel with him and asked her if she wants to join with him, Drafeus nodded and went in her Pokeball. Drafeus is shown to be female after she used Attract on N's Zoroark

How to obtain

To obtain it in Sunset Forest, the player must either get a shiny Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres in order to obtain it. When it attacks, it will battle the player. It is at LV 50.


  • Drafeus, with its pre-evolution Chawqa, are the second non-legendary Pokemon only available via event. The first being Zorua and Zoroark.
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