Lumino Dragon DD2
Lumino, a notable example of a Draconid, in his Dragon form.
Species Origin Humans, Dragons
Habitat(s) Arcania
Ability/ies Access to both humanoid forms and dragon forms.
First Appearance Draco Duel (2019)
Latest Appearance Draco Duel 2 (2020)

Draconids are half-dragon, half-humanoid species native to Arcania in the Draco Duel series. Draconids are a unique species with the capability to transform between a humanoid form and a dragon form at free will.


Draconids have been known to inhabit Arcania as long as the continent has existed, descended from human settlers from outer space that gained dragon-like features through adaptation after thousands of years of navigating Arcania's tough and treacherous terrain.


Draconids are a vastly differing species but almost all have both human and dragon DNA, which means their human and dragon forms have many similarities. Personalities and traits such as elemental powers are carried between these forms.

Human Forms

Greatly resembling humans, the human forms of Draconids are fairly similar between members of the species. All Draconids have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, four limbs and skin like humans do. Most Draconids also have hair, the colour of which vastly differs between individuals. While these forms are mostly the same as humans, their is one key difference, which is that all Draconids have two hearts. One heart supplies blood around the body, while the other supplies the body with Etherium, a magical substance which is the very essence that allows Draconids to change their forms.

Dragon Forms

Dragon Forms of Draconids are much more varied than the human forms, as every Draconid has a wildly different Dragon Form to another. However, most Draconids' Dragon Forms come under three categories: Drakes, Wyverns and Serpents.

  • Drakes resemble dinosaurs more than the other two variants of dragon. Drakes do not have wings and cannot fly, rendering them much less agile than other types, but this is made up for by their typically stronger, more muscular builds.
  • Wyverns are essentially stereotypical dragons, with wings, claws and tails. In combat, Wyverns are balanced since they have average mobility and average strength.
  • Serpents contrast greatly from Drakes and Wyverns since Serpents generally do not have limbs. Most of them have wings but all have a slender body that gives them high agility. Despite this, their lack of body muscle and common absence of claws mean that they're often the weakest variant of Dragon.

List of Draconids

The Draco Duel franchise features many Draconid characters, including playable and non-playable members of the species.

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  • The name "Draconid" is a direct reference to the Draconids, a meteor shower that can be observed within the constellation of Draco. "Draco" itself is Latin for "Dragon".
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