Draco Duel
Draco duel logo
The logo for Draco Duel, the first installment of the franchise.
Developer(s) Button Studios
Publisher(s) Button Studios
Genre(s) Action, Fantasy, Fighting
First Game Draco Duel (2019)
Most Recent Game Draco Duel 2 (2020)

The Draco Duel series is a collection of fighting games developed by Button Studios, featuring half-humanoid, half-dragon creatures called Draconids as the playable cast within the universe.

As of 2020, two games have been released in the series.


The Draco Duel games are set in Arcania, a fantasy land inhabited by Draconids. Arcania's history is very rocky, with many rebellions and wars in the past. However, in the current era of peace, many Draconids have turned to combat for entertainment and sport, with some even becoming world-famous fighters.

During gameplay, players take control of Draconids in 1-v-1 fights known as duels. The objective of the duel is to fully deplete the opponent's health to zero, and there are many ways of going about this due to the different character builds. Defensive characters rely on using status conditions such as Toxic and Pierced to either damage or weaken the opponent respectively. More offensive characters may have more powerful attacks that are more useful against offensive builds, but less effective against defensive ones.

As well as attack, players have the option to shield and grab in battle. A shield can be used for a brief amount of time to completely negate damage dealt by attacks, however it does not work against grabs, and shielding for too long will deplete the user's HP. Grabs are special close-range attacks that can hit through shields, however they are easy to avoid and can be cancelled out by an attack.

By fighting, players can earn Etherium from timing attacks correctly to the on-screen prompts. When enough Etherium has been collected, characters can unleash an Etherial Finale, a super-powerful, Final Smash-like attack that has devestating effects.


So far, two games have been released in the Draco Duel series.

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Game Release Description
Draco duel logo
January 7th 2019 The first game in the series, Draco Duel features 12 playable characters that the player can use in Duels, 1-v-1 fights where the objective is to deplete the opponent's HP. Furthermore, players can utilize Essences, which work as simple power-ups, to gain an advantage over their opponent.
Draco Duel 2 Logo
June 3rd 2020 As a sequel to Draco Duel, Draco Duel 2 features 8 brand new characters in addition to a plethora of new gamemodes including Tag Battle, Frenzy, and Adventure Mode for even more chaotic and competitive action. Replacing Essences, a new feature is Skill Trees, which allow the player to upgrade their fighters separately through gained experience.


The playable characters of the Draco Duel series are Draconids: a half-human, half-dragon species with the ability to change between both dragon and human forms at will. In combat, Draconids will prefer to use their dragon forms, but when out of combat they will usually use their human forms.

However, Draco Duel 2 introduced several non-Draconid characters to the franchise, namely Ziggy and Zarra, the two lead commentators of the game. Furthermore, the game's story mode introduced several other enemy species that were not Draconids.

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Arcania Map

A geographical map of Arcania.

For more information, see: Arcania

The Draco Duel games take place in Arcania, a continental republic on a distant planet with a troubled history. Arcania itself is stabilised by the existence of three different realms surrounding it, which are the Natural Realm, the Mystical Realm and the Etherial Realm. Geographically, it is a vast and diverse continent with a variety of climates, biomes and settlements.



  • Major inspirations for the gameplay and concepts of the Draco Duel series include real-life games such as Tekken, Street Fighter, ARMS and Dragon City.
  • The series logo was designed after a dragon, with the "C" in "Draco" showing the dragon's head and mouth, and the "Duel" being written on the dragon's tail. More obviously, the dragon's wings feature a part of the design.
Draco duel logo
Draco Duel is owned by Button Studios as works of Puddle.
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