I made this here tank to get from place to place easily. Now I can chomp you whenever, wherever!
Dr. Piranhaca

Dr. Piranhaca
Dr. Piranhaca - Party Planners
Dr. Piranhaca, the Piranha Plant genius.
SPECIES Piranha Plant

Dr. Piranhaca is a Piranha Plant scientist who converted her Warp Pipe into a tank. She is a member of the Party Planners, and a boss in The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz. She is battled in Wildern Range of the West Kingdom, where she is seen taking the Confetti Cannon.


Dr. Piranhaca has a pink head with magenta, square-shaped spots on it, as well as white lips. Her stalk and leaves are bright-purple.

Her tank resembles a pink Warp Pipe. It has maroon tank treads, with yellow gears allowing for movement. There is also a cannon at the front of the tank, which allows her to fire Bullet Bills at her opponents.


Dr. Piranhaca, being a scientist, is very intelligent, being able to rework her Warp Pipe into a tank, allowing her to move around from place to place. She isn't often seen participating in setting up parties, though often uses her tank's capabilities to her advantage. Like other Piranha Plants, Piranhaca is rather aggressive and hungry, willing to eat anything and everything to satisfy her stomach. She is also seen as rather crazy when off work, leading to her being a loner amongst the other Party Planners.


The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz

Dr. Piranhaca makes her debut in The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz. She is a boss alongside the other Party Planners, battled in Wildern Range of the West Kingdom. In his battle, she will cruise around the arena in her tank, firing Bullet Bills at the player. Though these can be defeated, Piranhaca's tank will sometimes spit coconuts. These need to be knocked back at Piranhaca, stunning her and allowing her to be jumped on without being bitten. After three hits, her tank will explode, defeating Piranhaca. This will reward the player with a Party Star and the Confetti Cannon.



  • Dr. Piranhaca's battle is similar to Prince Pikante's battle in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
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