Dr. Jeremiah Philth
Dr. Philth
AGE 38
CLASS Surgeon
WEAPONS Buzz saw, robotic claw, knife, scalpel, laser eye

Dr. Jeremiah Philth is a major villain in the Purpleverse Day 2010 Day game Dark Purple. He is a high ranking member of the Twice Corporation. He is also the mastermind behind The Reaping.


Prior to the explosion, Philth was a quite intelligent and reserved doctor with a love for the fields of medicine and technology. After the explosion, however, his mind snapped and he became a mentally unstable and sadistic maniac, though still extremely intelligent, if not more so. He has a love of preforming grotesque experiments on innocent beings and loves the sight of blood. He has been known to dissect a living being while it was still alive, cutting out organs without sedating the being first.

Physical Appearence

Philth is an average sized human with blue eyes and unkempt jet black hair. He wears a bloodstained white lab-coat, a black t-shirt underneath, brown pants, and shiny black dress shoes. The left half of his face is covered by an iron plate which covers the hideous burns given to him be the explosion. His left eye is replaced with a glowing red robotic eye capable of shooting lasers. His right arm is a thin robotic appendage ending in either a buzz saw or metal claw, which he is capable of switching extremely fast. The right sleeve of his coat is ripped off, displaying his robotic arm.


Early History

Philth was a brilliant medical doctor and surgeon who graduated from a famous medical school. He started teaching as a professor at a university. Later, though, he was disgraced and fired due to preforming secret experiments concerning cloning.


At this time, he was approached by the secretive SILPH Project, who enlisted his expertise in the creation of Janie Twice. He was the one who created her and supervised the project.

The Explosion

At some later point, Twice discovered he was the one who created her, and was determined to have revenge for her existance. She engineered an explosion in the lab where Philth worked, and he lost his right arm and half his face, and severely burning the rest of his body, as well as shattering his sanity.

Twice Corp. and The Reaping

Soon after this incident, he was apreached by Twice, who needed his services.

Sometime After The Reaping

He and Janie apparently had a child named Susan, who they both decided to abandon.

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