Dr. Peach
Dr. Peach - Dr. Mario World.png
Dr. Peach, as she appears in Dr. Mario World
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom Kingdom
Princess Peach (normal form)
Dr. Mario (co-worker)
CLASS Doctor, Nurse
WEAPONS Megavitamins

Dr. Peach, formerly known as Nurse Peach is the persona Princess Peach adopts in the Dr. Mario series. Though previously only seen in official art and game manuals, Dr. Peach makes her in-game debut in Dr. Mario World. She works alongside Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital to destroy Viruses using Megavitamins.

Prior to Dr. Mario World, Dr. Peach was depicted as wearing a pink lab coat, with a matching hat and shoes. In Dr. Mario World, she wears a pink lab coat with a white undershirt and hot pink dress, as well as wearing white shoes and a stethoscope around her neck.


Dr. Mario: Virus Chronicles

Nurse Peach appears in Dr. Mario: Virus Chronicles as a non-playable character who assists the player throughout their journey. She sells items to Dr. Mario and guards the Mushroom Kingdom hospital.

Dr. Mario: Flu Season

Dr. Peach appears in Dr. Mario: Flu Season as a player character unlocked after beating the 20th level of "Rush Mode". In Dr. Peach's mode, everything has been intensified by 100 percent and it introduces the ultimate megavitamin.

Mario Kart: Infinity Remix

Dr. Peach appears as an alternate costume for Peach in Mario Kart: Infinity Remix, unlocked after winning a gold trophy on any engine class as Peach.


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