It's Norman Gai, fuck you!
Norman, Days of Victory
Dr. Norman Skullovich-Gai Male
250 lbs
32 years old Human, technically

DrNormanGai Normal Victory.png

DrNormanGai Swole Victory.png

Dr. Gai, the Damned Doctor.
FULL NAME Dr. Norman Skullovich-Gai
POWERS Eldritch Suit, Advanced medical knowledge
BIRTHDAY 30th of April
ALIGNMENT Launch Kraken Coalition
Team Reten
OCCUPATION(S) Launch Kraken Coalition's chief Medic
Team Reten member


BIRTH LOCATION Atari Landfill, Nevada
CURRENT LOCATION Atari Landfill, Nevada

His work, Keteronomy, Other unorthodox sciences, Cigars


Being discredited, not having a medical license.


Dr. Norman Gai is a mad scientist who has turned himself into one of his crazed experiments, and may not be human anymore. He first debuts Post-Shattering in Victory with an unknown role in the story.


Despite his grizzly background and sociopathic tendencies he often acts rather calm and friendly. He also seems to still follow the Hippocratic Oath to a very small extent.

When angered Norman Gai tends to resort to violence and profanity.


Dr. Norman Gai is a former doctor who was working in the Areplaes Hospital. The traumatic experience that destroyed the hospital and sanity led him to become a self-professed scientist that did horrible experiments involving the monsters and the patients that were left. Eventually he ran out of patients to splice monster DNA with, so he used himself. Using various life regulation systems, he is able to suppress his monstrous body into a human like state. Using this system, he can expand and contract his limbs to turn himself into a slow lumbering tank character or a more nimble "glass cannon" system. In his EX-Strength mode, he can hit with the force of ten tons.

Powers and Abilities

Norman Gai is an accomplished doctor and can even be considered a necromancer due to him having revived dead bodies in the form of his abominations.

His main attacks are his "Rocket Crutches", Rocket Launchers fashioned from medical crutches and the weapons of a SWAT team who attempted to dispatch him, and his Eldritch Suit, a device connected to his body allowing him to manipulate his flesh and body in many unnatural ways. Its worth noting that he has replaced almost all of his hinge joints with ball and socket joints  allowing him a rather freakish sense of flexibility.


  • Dr. Norman Gai originally comes from the game PHD to Kill. He appeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, but has not appeared in New Fantendoverse canon (or reappeared in any canon, for that matter) until Victory.


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