Dr. Needlenam RX (correctly known as Dr. Needlenam ℞) is a downloadable title for The V². It is a action puzzle game that stars Leah Needlenam doing more or less doctor work in the style of Dr. Mario. The plot of the game revolves around The Twisted Cross injecting a virus into various Fantendoverse characters and Leah having to deal with it. The game is canon and takes place during the summer before Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.


The game is a falling block tile-matching puzzle game in the style of Tetris or Dr. Mario. The screen is filled up with a number of viruses and Leah must destroy them with six different colors of pills, although Black and Silver are not introduced until later into the game's story mode. When four or more pill halves or viruses of matching color are aligned in vertical or horizontal configurations they are destroyed. Silver Pills are special in that they cannot be destroyed by power-ups. The screen gets bigger as gameplay progresses, and the game makes choices of pills based off a algorithm to prevent impossible solutions.

BluePill RXRedPill RXPurplePill RXBlackPill RXOrangePill RXSilverPill RX

Every patient tends to have some kind of gimmick. They are detailed in the Patient section. Additionally, there are three secret patients with special pills.

EasterPill RXHalloweenPill RXChristmasPill RX
  • Easter Pill - Hatches after three pills are set down after this pill is placed, eating anything below it except Silver Pills.
  • Halloween Pill - Halloween Pills are activated after three pills are placed down, similar to the Easter Pill. It explodes anything above it except Silver Pills.
  • Christmas Pill - Christmas Pills immediately destroy everything in their row except for Silver Pills.

The player can choose from either Story Mode, where they must take on 12 Patients (plus 3 secret Patients) through various levels and gimmicks or play Freeplay Mode, where they can go through randomized puzzles for each of the characters they have cured in Story Mode. There are about 15 submodes in Freeplay because of this, but they are only unlocked after curing the patients in Story Mode.

Story Mode


It's the summer and Leah and X-Ray are enjoying themselves and trying to ignore Susan, who Leah is letting squat mostly out of pity at this point. Suddenly, X-Ray begins to feel unwell and Leah lays her down on the operating table. From here, the tutorial begins. As Leah discovers, The Twisted Cross has created their own unique virus that can mutate based off the person they infect. As Leah cures X-Ray, patients begin to pile into the waiting room and Leah gets to work with her nurse while Susan hides in the corner, hissing at a rat.

Doctor and Personnel

All artwork is placeholders. I wanted to finish this game and not concern myself too much about how the characters looked at the moment- they will all have new outfits.

Personnel Description
Leah RX

Dr. Leah Needlenam

A doctor that does legitimate work... when she feels like it. She can be snarky or even a bit mean from time to time, but she does miracles if she has to.
X-Ray Nurse RX

Nurse X-Ray

A cheerful nurse that cheers Leah on or looks worried if the player is in a rough spot. She doesn't do much, but what she does is good enough for Leah.
SusanSyringe RX

Susan Syringe

If the player fails enough, Susan Syringe will replace X-Ray as Leah's nurse and offers her hints if the player asks for them. Leah usually responds with bile, but Susan is adamant about defeating her former group just as much as Leah is.

The Twisted Cross

All artwork is placeholders. I wanted to finish this game and not concern myself too much about how the characters looked at the moment- they will all have new outfits.

Patient Description
OliviaBlade RX

Olivia Blade

Olivia Blade is the new leader of the Twisted Cross after Susan defected. She knows how to cut into people emotionally and physically. Cold, calculating, she doesn't like to mess around.


Olivia Strain

Defeated via Blue Pills.


Kathleen Kutt

Kathleen Kutt is a bit of a sloppy doctor and prefers the rougher work with a hacksaw. She seems gruff and intimidating, but she's actually the easiest to make fold.


Kathleen Strain

Defeated via Red Pills.


Allison Stethoscope

Allison Stethoscope is a new member who works the equipment. Despite being in The Twisted Cross, Allison has a crush on Leah and likes to act out as opposed to the two colder and gruffer women.


Allison Strain

Defeated via Purple Pills.

MarilynMorphine RX

Marilyn Morphine

Marilyn acts a bit strangely because she was hooked up to a fish tank instead of a IV pouch while The Twisted Cross was figuring out what to do with her. She is obsessed with poisons and sometimes acts like a wild animal.

MarilynStrain RX

Marilyn Strain

Defeated via Black Pills.


All artwork is placeholders. I wanted to finish this game and not concern myself too much about how the characters looked at the moment- they will all have new outfits. Each patient has three sub-levels that must be completed to progress. Each throws in a unique gameplay gimmick that changes how the game plays.

Patient Description
X-Ray Nurse RX


X-Ray is the tutorial level. You only use four pills and have less viruses in number to deal with at the start before steadily growing in number.

Rachel Harel

Coming off the tutorial level, Rachel is probably the most normal out of the patients you'll be encountering. It's building off what you learned in the tutorial and only slightly ramping up the difficulty.


Strafe introduces the first gimmick: Light Cells appear in the playing field. Using any pill against them with a virus next to it multiples the score by two, and can be chained with other Light Cells to up the multiplier (4x, 8x, 16x... etc).

Rubelline Tifft

Rubelline introduces Red Energy Cells, which are basically the same as Light Cells but are only activated with Red Pills. Red Energy Cells also destroy any Red Viruses under them when activated.

Serah Ellington

Serah is pretty normal, so Leah gets cocky and does this Upside Down. This can be somewhat disorienting, but the game acts pretty much the same except pills come from the bottom and the viruses are on top.
Dr. LunaGenesis

Dr. Luna

Dr. Luna introduces Celestial Degeneration, which causes pills to disintegrate after 15 seconds. Work quickly!

Robyn Harel

Robyn requires her pills to be infused with Galvan Energy, which creates Galvan Pills. Only 13 pills can be out on the field at once or... well, she'll die from trying to use too much Galvan energy.


Aurora has an accelerated speed to her body that she's been stuck in for the past week, so Time Flies. You have less time to work with with the drop speed doubling. You have no choice here, you have to work fast.

Pearl Emerson

Pearl Emerson has Electric Pulses inside of her body that destroy viruses and pills in a circular radius. They are only activated with blue pills.


Rhyse is capable of using Time Freeze to help Leah stop time three times each level, but the clock will still tick as the pill is suspended. Probably won't be too helpful unless you really, really need a moment to think. This level also introduces the Orange Pill.


Oni introduces Mega Viruses that need to be defeated twice and take up twice the space a normal virus does. She also introduces the Silver Pill, which cannot be destroyed by power-ups.


Unten has it the worst, and so the previous patients join forces to help him out. Unten has Mega Viruses and Celesial Degeneration, so Leah uses the power of Rubelline's Red Energy Cells, Pearl's Electric Pulses, and Rhyse's Time Freeze.

Secret Patients

These patients are only available on special days. Namely Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.

Patient Description

Dara Tillertone

Dara Tillertone introduces Easter Pills that destroy anything below it after three more pills are set down.


Hollow introduces Halloween Pills that destroy everything above it after three more pills are set down.


Noel introduces Christmas Pills destroy everything in the row they're in when set.


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