Dr. Mario Mario
Dr. Mario.jpg
The Good Doctor
AGE 38
BIRTHPLACE Mario's Pad, on the outskirts of Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom, Realm-101990
Luigi Mario of Realm-101990 (brother, deceased), Mario Mario, Jr. (dimensional counterpart)
CLASS Player Character
Dr. Mario
Super Smash Bros. Doomsday

In the alternate Mushroom Kingdom universe of 101990, the Mario Bros. were actually born in the Mushroom Kingdom itself. This dimension seemed peaceful, as the Koopa Kingdom did not exist. This peace was shattered, however, when a horrific plague swept through the Kingdom, claiming the lives of over half the population...including Mario's brother, Luigi.

With the Mushroom Kingdom now in ruins, Mario dedicated himself to the medical profession, eventually finding a cure to the plague that claimed his brother's life. Assisted by Princess Peach, now his faithful nurse, Dr. Mario has provided essential medical care to the Mushroom Kingdom citizens as they try to rebuild their lives.

Recently, Dr. Mario was called upon by Master and Crazy Hand to oppose the plots of the Acts of Vengeance, led by Dr. Doom. During this battle, Dr. Mario will provide the team with a much-needed medic, as well as be reunited with his beloved brother and his better known counter-part.


Dr. Mario is in slightly poorer shape than his more famous counterpart, since he does not engage in the rigorous activity of adventuring. However, he makes up for this with his extensive medical knowledge, knowing how to treat almost any disease or injury.

Although he rarely engages in battle, Dr. Mario has been able to craft special “Megavitamins” for the Doomsday crisis. These large pills dispense a large dose of special chemicals when they come in contact with unprotected skin, overloading an enemy's senses and incapacitating them.

Battle Moves

Megavitamin Toss


Super Sheet

Dr. Tornado

Smash Move

Megavitamin Storm


Character Selected

"Looks like a house call!"

"Am I needed in the field?"

"Medic is on the scene!"

"Let's show Doom what a real doctor is!"

Entering Battle

"This beats a day in the lab any time!"

"I'm guessing the Hippocratic Oath won't apply here."

"I may be a doctor, but I'm not going to go easy on you!"

"I know just as many ways of causing pain as ending it!"

Healing Ally

"Let a trained medical professional do this work!"

"This is what I'm used to!"

"Don't worry. You're in capable hands."

"Good thing I'm on hand."

Smash Move

"It's time to purge this infection!"

Low Health

"Don't give me any of that "doctor, heal thyself" garbage!"

"Are there any other doctors in the house?"

"I know, ironic. Now help me!"

"I'm barely clinging on!"

Battle Lost

"Let's get the wounded out!"

"We can't do anything more..."

"I'm not trained for this..."

"This is looking worse by the minute!"

Battle Won

"If you need a doctor, I'm right here!"

"I avoided your vitals. You'll be fine."

"Looks like I'm keeping myself in business!"

"That looks bad. What happened to you? Oh, right..."

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