Dr. Mario checks in!

Dr. Mario is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. All-out!.




Normal B Side B Up B Down B Final Smash
Throws a Pill that is stronger but slower then Fireballs. Tosses a Pill in a arc. The Pill is randomly shaped and falls fast. Does an Uppercut into the air, much like Mario. Sumons a Virus that walks forward. Infects a random effect on opponents when touched. Shoots two gigantic Pills that do massive damage and knockback.

Skin Swaps

  1. His coat is White.
  2. His coat is Blue.
  3. His coat is Red.
  4. His coat is Pink.
  5. His coat is Black.
  6. His coat is Green.
  7. His coat is Purple.
  8. He now resembles Dr. Luigi.


Status: Unlockable.

Can Wall-Jump: Yes.

Can Crawl: Yes.

Jumps: 2.

Tier List

Dr. Mario is at the top of the A Tier, above Rayman and below Diddy Kong.



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