Dr. Mario: Puyo Puyo Prescription is a 2018 crossover puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. It features elements from Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, Dr. Luigi and the Puyo Puyo mode of Puyo Puyo Tetris.

If Puyo Puyo Tetris data is read, or if you complete level 20 in all modes, you will unlock Germ Buster and Bean Burst, which are touch control versions of 2 of the main modes.


Like Dr. Mario 64, this game features a story.

Following the success of Dr. Luigi's L-capsules, which wrapped up the Operation L incident, people around the world are getting better already. But the celebration was short-lived when a new virus spread across the world. It was identified as "Sneezy." Meanwhile, viruses from the past, Fever, Chill, Weird, Dizzy, Magneta and Drowsy came in to extend the sickness. On research, Dr. Mario found the only medicine for the job: the Puyos. They had Mushroom Kingdom Hospital's last hope resting on them.

The doctors will see you now.

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