Dr. Mario: Infected is an RPG by Bomb Productions Games. The gameplay is similar to that of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and it stars the Viruses.


In the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital, Dr. Mario was trying to perfect his formula for killing the Viruses when Luigi and Nurse Peach came in and scared Dr. Mario, causing him to drop his concoction all over his brand new lab coat. Dr. Mario took it off and put another one on as Peach told him that there were three more outbreaks of the Viruses in The Mushroom Kingdom. Dr. Mario sighed and told Peach and Luigi to close up the hospital for the day.

  Meanwhile, not too far away from the hospital, the Viruses were thinking of a plan to get rid of Dr. Mario. They had already tried overwhelming him with patients and infecting the ones that had just gotten out of the hospital just to tick him off, but they always ended up getting a pill to the face and waking up in the trash can. "So..." said Red, the leader of the viruses, "What are we gonna' do about Dr. Mario this time?" "Let's just face the facts, Red..." said Blue, the smartest of the viruses, "Dr. Mario can't be defeated! We might as well just give up our infecting powers and go home..." "Yup..." said Yellow, the slowest and dumbest of the viruses. "Fellas! Fellas!" shouted Red, "Don't even say words like that!" Then, it came to him. Red had just realized the only way to get rid of the doctor/plumber forever... "We're gonna' kill 'em..." said Red, amazed at his idea and staring at the other two viruses. "Wh-What did you say?!" asked Blue, realizing how brilliant the idea really was. "Look..." said Red, "We'll go into his little shop and we'll go right inside 'em and infect 'em! If we can reach his heart and infect that, he'll be down for the count!" "Amazing!" said Blue, "Brilliant!" "Yukk, yukk..." laughed Yellow, "We're gonna' get 'em!"

  So, after the viruses were all done dancing around, they sneaked into Dr. Mario's office.

More to come....


  • Red - The leader of the viruses and the most neutral character in the game.
  • Blue - The second-in-command of the viruses and Red's best friend. He has the highest jumps and is the smartest of the three.
  • Yellow - The rookie of the viruses and the most dim-witted of the three. He is the slowest of the viruses

Special Attacks



  • Dr. Mario and Mario are the same person in this game.


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