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Developer(s) LegendLogo
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Puzzle
Release Date(s) Late 2014
Dr. Mario: Flu Season otherwise known as  ドクターマリオ:薬用ブリッツ (Dr Mario:Medicinal Blitz) in japan, is a 2 player Dr. Mario Game developed by LegendaryStar Co. and published by Fantendo for the 3DS. 


Like previous Dr.Mario games,Flu Season is a "Falling Block-Tile Matching Game" in which you try match a multi-colored pill,with different pills of the same color.In this game,there are up to 7 viruses,instead of the regular 3 and there are 2 new types of pills. Quadripills,which can have 4 different types of pill colors and Oblipills,which gives you a much more easier time to complete a level,by limiting the amount of viruses on the field.


One day in the Mucus Kingdom,King Sniffle put a horrible spell on the surronding lands,which made everyone extemely sick. The Mushroom Kingdom was no exception to this horrible catastrophe and all the residents caught the "Super Ultra Flu Virus" that evil king had spread.Now it is up to you,to reverse the effects of the virus and put an end to King Sniffle's plot.


Single Player Mode

Story Mode

Dr. Mario: Flu Season/Story

Time Attack

Rush Mode

Multi Player Mode



Doctors Description Image Star Emblem A+ Emblem A Emblem B Emblem C Emblem D Emblem E Emblem
Dr. Mario

The legendary red plumber,who is currently wearing white for a bit.

Mario is a good all-around character for those who are new to the game.When playing as him,the game goes at a steady moderate pace,so it can be easily grasped by players.


The legendary green go-getter,who is also wearing white.

When playing as Luigi,the puzzles become slighty more intense,but they are still pretty simple,however his megavitamins do tend to turn invisible......

Nurse Glenda

(Unlocked after beating "Story Mode")

E.Gadd's Amazing apprentice,who has been taken under the wing of Dr.Mario for a bit.

Glenda's mode is quite interesting,as the megavitamins are in different variations of music notes.So, you are pretty much playing Tetris the musical.

Dr. Peach

(Unlocked after beating the 20th level of "Rush Mode")

The princess herself has gotten in on the action.

In Peach's mode,everything has been intensified by 100 percent and it introduces the ultimate megavitamin.....


Virus Image Description

Red Virus

This red ruffian,is responsible for most of the fevers in the mushroom kingdom. To get rid of them,you must line up three red,heat-resistant megavitamins.

Blue Virus 

The blue viruses,are often responsible for the chills and sniffles,which are going around.To get rid of these little buggers,you need to line up three frost-resistant megavitamins.
Yellow Virus  These weird wanderers are responsible for the transformations of many residents. To make them disappear,you need to line up 3 goldenrod megavitamins.
Green Virus These viruses,are responsible for turning people into plants.To destroy them,you need to line up 3 lime-colored megavitamins.
Pink Virus These types of viruses,make people fall in love with the very first person they see.To defeat them,you need to line up 3 "Considerhatemegavitamins
Black Virus This virus is responsible for people spewing fire everywhere.They are the hardest to defeat,and are only found in Princess Peach's mode.You need to use the ultimate megavitamins to defeat them.
White Virus This virus is responsible for turning people invisible at the most random times.This virus is the polar opposite,of the black virus meaning,you can use any type of colored megavitamins to obliterate them.


Dr. Mario: Flu Season/Objects

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