Dr. Justinian L'Orme also going by the name of Plague Doctor is a character in Dark Woods who makes his appearance in Dark Woods V: Freak Show as one of the main characters.



Justinian L'Orme holds an ambiguous past of which only a few bits are known. He was a regular inhabitant of the Dark Woods who aspired to be a doctor but was refused because of his questionable surgeon methods. After his rejection his life work was ruined and staged a suicide. Instead he fled deep into the forest of Eden where he created a safe haven for outcast which quickly turned into a freak show.

Dark Woods V: Freak Show



Justinian is a man who really commits to his cause. His former cause to be a doctor to help people failed tremendously which made him furious and depressive. He is bad at handling with failures and is a perfectionist. He fled to the woods to seek peace and tranquility. However during the events of Dark Woods V things in the circus keep becoming more unorganized and there is a lot of tension between everyone which at times enables his bad side. Out of anger he even accidentally killed one of his inhabitants after which he falls into a deep depression, having failed once again, this time to provide a safe haven to the outcasts. He is a misunderstood man and means well, but always has questionable methods.

Powers & Abilities

Discovered later in self-inflicted experiments, Justinian discovers that he has Solar powers confirming that he is a son of Adam. Although he only uses this power on one occasion after studying it carefully. He is a doctor and scientist, always trying to uncover more about the human body. Hidden from everyone else he experiments on the animals in the woods and makes them into mutant-like things before freeing them again in the woods.



At first Nostradamus and Justinian clash against each other. Justinian having problems housing him despite him not being a 'freak' or having any abilities that make him unique. Throughout the story Nostradamus has to do chores around the place and they bond, quickly becoming friends, Justinian acting similar to a mentor of Nostradamus.


  • Justinian is derived from one of the first plagues that happened, the Plague of Justinian. His last name L'Orme is the same as Charles de L'Orme who invented the garments for the plague doctors.
  • When Justinian takes off his mask his haircut is almost exactly like that of Hein's for reasons unexplained.
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