Doug Piranha is is a red piranha plant with black and white pants and a matching mask. He is the titular character of the series of the same name.


Chompy the Goomba:They are best friends and adopted brothers.

Captain Bomb:Dougs archnemesis.

Bob-omb Pirates:Enemies.


Doug Piranha(Game)

Doug Piranha:Summer Sports

Doug Piranha 2

Powers and Abilities

Fire Breath:Doug is capable of breathing fire out of his mouth.

Super Strength:Doug is shown to be strong enough to take down a tower with a few punches.

Ground Pound:Doug is a very skilled ground-pounder.


Doug was a regular Piranha Plant until a truck full of toxic waste polluted his pipe. He mutated into a monster. He scared everyone he saw, so he became an outcast. But one day, a kind family of Goombas took him in and adopted him. He and his new brother, Chompy instantly became friends. One day, the evil Bob-omb Pirates set out to enslave all the goombas to build their ultimate weapon. They took Chompy and Doug's family too. Then Doug set out to destroy the Bob-omb pirates and get his family back.

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