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I'm planning to start copying the work I've done on Face Off to my portfolio. I plan to only post my artwork of your characters; I will not claim ownership of the original design, and I will put a link to this page there as well. I would also link to the character's page, but some character's pages have been moved or deleted, and I don't want to risk broken links on my portfolio.

If you are OK with my art of your character designs being shown on my portfolio, please say so in a comment here, or on the Face Off page! I will not post your character's designs unless I receive an affirmative response. Your decision will also not affect the order in which submissions are completed.

To ensure I can complete all of the requested characters, I will be streamlining the cards designs to only include the front side with character art. The back portion with character details and history was just taking me too long. I will include them for the remainder of Series 4 though.

Face Off

Face Off! is a spin-off program related to the Double Deck review service. Face Off! creates trading cards based on the various characters on the Fantendo site rather than provide criticism like Real Deal and Quick Draw. As a derivative program, Face Off! is updated less frequently than the other programs.

Card Details

Each card has basic information on the character:

  • Age in Earth years
  • Species (or race if human)
  • Gender (where applicable)
  • Occupation
  • Alignment (Hero, Villain, Neutral, etc.)
  • A brief bio

In order to qualify for Face Off!, each submitted character must have this basic information available- even if the character does not have a dedicated page, they will be accepted if another page they are on contains this info, and said page is linked in the request.

Ensign System

In addition, each character is assigned an Ensign based on their personality traits. The Ensign system takes inspiration from the Myers-Briggs personality test, which identifies 4 traits that define an individual's personality:

  • Favorite World: Preference for either the internal world of ideas and introspection or the external world of society and people. This is known as either Introversion or Extroversion.
  • Information: Preference for either deductive reasoning (starting with specific facts and reaching general conclusions), or inductive reasoning (starting with patterns or general ideas and working towards specifics). This is known as either Sensing or Intuition.
  • Decisions: Preference for either decisions based primarily on facts and outcomes, or people and special circumstances. This is known as either Reasoning or Feeling.
  • Paradigm: Preference for either reaching a definite conclusion or remaining open to alternate views. This is known as either Judging or Perceiving.

The above information came from The Myers Briggs website- look here if you need help providing your character's preferences. If a characters Myers-Briggs personality is not provided, I will assign them one based on any documented personality traits. Based on these four preferences, each character will receive one of 16 Ensigns:

Mountain Ensign.png
Iceberg Ensign.png
Sun Ensign.png
Meteor Ensign.png
Ocean Ensign.png
River Ensign.png
Tree Ensign.png
Fire Ensign.png
Diamond Ensign.png
Comet Ensign.png
Stars Ensign.png
Lightning Ensign.png
Cloud Ensign.png
Snow Ensign.png
Sand Ensign.png
Wind Ensign.png

Completed Cards

FO Front Error.png
From: Crispycol
FO Front Nebula.png
From: MeGa_eXal
FO Front Pepper-MacBeth.png
FO Front Bombyx.png
From: Exotoro
FO Front Xzal.png
FO Front Rokukai.png
FO Front Parvati.png
FO Front Dust.png
FO Front Jess.png
From: RTA fan
FO Front Ciriesta.png
FO Front Exa Sectonia.png
FO Front Sarona.png
From: Drebbles
FO Front Doormat.png FO Back Doormat.png
FO Front Pearl.png FO Back Pearl.png
Hinata von Brandt
FO Front Hama.png FO Back Hama.png
FO Front Kaiden.png FO Back Kaiden.png
From: Tigertot
FO Front Umbra.png FO Back Umbra.png
From: MeGa eXal
FO Front Javie.png FO Back Jamie.png
FO Front Leverletto.png FO Back Leverletto.png
From: Ambrisynth*
FO Front Amaia.png FO Back Amaia.png
FO Front Green.png FO Back Green.png
FO Front Slimery.png FO Back Slimery.png
FO Front Versapex.png FO Back Versapex.png
FO Front Stein.png FO Back Stein.png
From: Crispycol
FO Front Aurora.png FO Back Aurora.png
From: Exotoro
FO Front RubyG.png FO Back RubyG.png
From: Guygombaa
FO Front June.png FO Back June.png
FO Front Goblin.png FO Back Goblin.png
FO Front FinianF.png FO Back FinianF.png
FO Front Maleficent.png FO Back Maleficent.png
FO Front Slanito.png FO Back Slanito.png
FO Front Ligeia.png FO Back Ligeia.png
FO Front Reten.png FO Back Reten.png
Alex Arsen
FO Front AlexA.png FO Back AlexA.png
From: Drebbles
FO Front HitomiY.png FO Back HitomiY.png
From: RTA Fan
FO Front CharmineC.png FO Back CharmineC.png
FO Front TayshaunF.png FO Back TayshaunF.png
From: RTA fan
FO Front Giare.png FO Back Giare.png
FO Front EpicaC.png FO Back EpicaC.png
From: Drebbles
FO Front RachelH.png FO Back RachelH.png
From: Exotoro
FO Front ValerieH.png FO Back ValerieH.png
FO Front UjoriK.png FO Back UjoriK.png
From: Iceboys12
FO Front KingKK.png FO Back KingKK.png
FO Front PlagueM.png FO Back PlagueM.png
FO Front Ashlyn.png FO Back Ashlyn.png
FO Front Tiffany.png FO Back Tiffany.png
From: Solarrion
FO Front Judge.png FO Back Judge.png
FO Front Boare.png FO Back Boare.png
FO Front AmyJ.png FO Back AmyJ.png
From: RTA fan
FO Front Lucky.png FO Back Lucky.png
FO Front KrystalP.png FO Back KrystalP.png
From: RTA fan
FO Front Hein.png FO Back Hein.png
FO Front Fera.png FO Back Fera.png
From: Pyrostar
FO Front LeahN.png FO Back LeahN.png
From: Exotoro
FO Front SilverH.png FO Back SilverH.png
FO Front MetaForm.png FO Back MetaForm.png
FO Front ClairV.png FO Back ClairV.png
From: Drebbles
FO Front MylanS.png FO Back MylanS.png
From: Iceboys12
FO Front Mynis.png FO Back Mynis.png
FO Front TessS.png FO Back TessS.png
From: Solarrion
FO Front UntenC.png FO Back UntenC.png
From: Plumber
FO Front ?.png FO Front ?.png
From: ???
FO Front ?.png FO Front ?.png
From: ???
FO Front ?.png FO Front ?.png
From: ???


Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4

Series 5

Legacy Series

Pending Requests

Please do not add submissions on your own! Tell me the characters you want in the comments, and I will add them here.
"Face Off!" is currently planned to run for 10 series. Requests have been split up by series to accommodate for multiple requests by a single user. Series spots will be allocated according to the following rules:

  • A series can contain only 12 characters.
  • Submissions will be added to a series in the order they are requested. However, the actual cards will be completed in a random order.
  • Each user may have only one request in a series.
  • If a user has a character in two consecutive series, the following third series will not contain one of their characters.

For the most part, these rules will determine the series that characters are added to. These rules went into effect on July 11th, 2017. The submissions from Series 1 were not considered when determining the order of future series.


For users who would like to submit more characters than there are available spaces for them (according to the rules above), they can opt to add characters to this waitlist. If a series starts without all 12 spots being filled, I will add characters from this list to said series, following these criteria:

  1. Users who don't have submissions for that series get first priority.
  2. Users who have fewer characters on the waitlist get priority over those with many.
  3. Where possible, characters placed on the waitlist earlier will be moved to an available series sooner.

If a user does put a character in the waitlist, they can choose to switch one of their waitlisted characters with one in an existing series, but only if work on that series' characters hasn't started yet. They may also move a character currently slated to be in a series to the waitlist, and replace them with someone else, with the same stipulation as the above.

Just a reminder...

If you are OK with my art of your character designs being shown on my portfolio, please say so in a comment here, or on the Face Off page! I will not post your character's designs unless I receive an affirmative response. Your decision will not affect the order in which submissions are completed.