Doomulus Xyne
Zokkan (formerly)
AGE 70
BIRTHDAY August 3rd
WEIGHT 130 lbs
CLASS Conquistador
OCCUPATION(S) Leader of the Conquest of Rage

Doomulus Xyne, born as Zokkan, is the leader of the Doomuli Inquisition and a key ally of Fenrir of the Flame, and the main antagonist of Phase 2 of the Ghostverse.


Despite being a Doomulus, Xyne retains the krexxon body structure, with mechanical "tentacles" coming from his head. Despite this, the tentacle-like arms most krexxon have are gone, replaced with the interchangeable Doomuli parts. Most of Xyne's equipment is colored purple and black.


Doomulus Xyne is known for his patience. He often creates long, prolonged plans for the Doomuli Inquisition to execute, most of which succeed. His genius tactical ability is unrivaled throughout the Doomuli, and it was this behavior that allowed him to soar through the ranks.

Doomulus Xyne is a bit racist however. He possesses an irrational hatred for the krexxon, his former species, likely due to Fenrir teaching him that they're nothing more than cannon fodder in a sense. He believes that he "ascended" past that state by becoming a Doomulus, and therefore no longer needs to deal with his old life.

In battle, Doomulus Xyne relies on the interchangeable Doomuli weapons to fight, and is capable of adapting to almost any weapon. He does however hate using "traditional" weaponry.


Early Life

Before his time as a Doomuli, Xyne was a krexxon by the name of Zokkan: a simple soldier in the krexxon empire. He took part in the invasion of Ascerth under the command of Ethros, with his squad barely surviving and being forced to retreat. At that point, he had grown tired of the krexxon and their imperialistic tendencies, and deserted the empire despite the risks involved.

During his exodus, Zokkan was found by agents of Fenrir, who were busy scouting out the galaxy at this time. They took him in, and in the process, granted him an audience with the man himself. Fenrir took an interest in Xyne, and made him one of his closest allies and generals. He taught Xyne much about the universe, as well as various skills like military tactics and even espionage.

Becoming a Doomulus

During Fenrir's dealings with the Doomuli, Zokkan became fascinated by them and their abilities. Eventually, he decided to fully join the organization, and made the transition to becoming a Doomulus. He gained the new name of Doomulus Xyne, and dedicated himself to serving the organization.

Thanks to Fenrir's teachings, Xyne rose through the ranks, to the point where he was appointed as the leader of the Doomuli Inquisition, a job he took great interest in. He enjoyed exploiting unaware planets and scouting out locations. Plus, his connections to Fenrir allowed him to receive intel regarding new areas of the universe.

Ghostverse Stories

Doomulus Xyne plays a major role in this series, working to sabotage the peace formed after the defeat of the Circle of Shadows. He has numerous agents who report to him, and he's known to report to Doomulus Thai and Fenrir personally.


Doomulus Xyne makes an appearance in Vigilants, ordering a Konsai commander to recapture Sutera.

Champions of Ascerth 2

Doomulus Xyne has a brief cameo in Champions of Ascerth 2, where he finds out about the soul transporting magic of the Buzokai continent on Ascerth.

Beyond Spirituis

Doomulus Xyne is the main antagonist in Beyond Spirituis, hoping to proceed further with a supersoldier project that involves gathering a few things from Earth.


  • Doomulus Xyne is known for his desire to impress his superiors and advance through the ranks.
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