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Doomulus Thyme Female
? Unknown
100 lbs
??? years old Nox Hare (formerly)


FULL NAME Doomulus Thyme
POWERS Chronokinesis

The Doomuli (member)


Her homeworld, her kin, Clockwarx


Doomulus Thyme is a member of the Doomuli and a major character in No Man's Timeline. Formerly a Nox Hare, Thyme is one of the oldest members of the group, one whose existence was unknown to a majority of the organization with the exception of Prime. She is not an active participant of the group, having been in exile in her homeland of Nox, the hidden second moon of Earth, although she has remained in neutral terms with the remainder of the Doomuli.

Although physically small and unintimidating at first sight, Thyme is a fearsome combatant due to her abilities to manipulate time to her own advantage, such as being capable of erasing a short period of time itself. She is obsessed with the Shattering and its manifestation, both for scientific reasons and for romantic reasons.


As a Nox Hare, Thyme is a bipedal rabbit-like creature. She's only about five feet tall, and most of that is due to her ears. Her body is a Mk1 Doomuli body, significantly older in terms of its design but kept in surprisingly good condition through a combination of regular cleaning and time manipulation. When fighting, she is usually seen hovering at least a few inches off of the ground.




As her unintimidating appearance would suggest, Thyme isn't very threatening physically. It is her superhuman abilities and her cunning that make her most threatening. She is a Catalyst who has used the augmentations of her Doomuli body to increase her dominion over time to dangerous levels, granting her the ability to pause time for her projectile attacks, replay or corrupt time for her enemies, accelerate or split time for herself, and even completely erase time for the area surrounding her. She has no qualms about going all-out with her abilities, either, as she sees a Shattering as nothing but a win for her.

Thyme's Doomuli body is also equipped with technology that allows her to fire off energy blasts from her palms and levitate several feet off the ground.

  • Chronokinesis: Thyme is capable of manipulating a small interval of time - a maximum of 5 seconds, although it is hinted that she is capable of far more than that. With this interval of time, she is capable of:
    • Paradox Summon: Thyme is able to summon versions of herself from alternate timelines to fight alongside her. These alternate selves can only exist for a few seconds at a time, and lack her time manipulation abilities.
    • Rollback Corruption: Thyme can temporarily corrupt an enemy's timeline, transforming them into a form where they lose several key abilities. These transformed forms more often than not look similar to the victim's Old Fantendoverse appearance...
    • Time's Repetition: Thyme can "replay" an action performed by someone else in the 5 seconds interval. The action is replayed by a mechanical mannequin that deflates after performing this action. In order for Thyme to be able to mimic the opponent's attack, she must witness the action first.
    • Time's Absence: Thyme can erase the interval of time, removing any kind of action performed in said interval and only causing the aftermath of the action to remain. She is immune to this erasure of time and is capable to perform actions that are unaffected by the erasure.
  • Countdown Cannon: Thyme can unleash energy blasts from her hands in enormous volume to barrage the enemy from afar. She can freeze these shots mid-flight, then unfreeze them at any time.
    • Time's Acceleration: A special technique where Thyme flits around the enemy at high speed while leaving energy blasts frozen in midair. Once she has all the shots in place, they all launch into the enemy simultaneously from every direction.
  • Anti-Gravity: Using gravity suspension technology built into her Doomuli body, Thyme is capable of floating in the air. She can also use this to make up for her small stature when fighting taller foes and enhance her overall mobility.


No Man's Timeline

Doomulus Thyme's first appearance is in No Man's Timeline as its main antagonist, mysteriously rejoining the Doomuli after centuries of absence and immediately causing chaos with her control over time.

Thyme's playstyle in NMT puts an enormous emphasis on spending Hyper Meter to unleash powerful effects and forcing foes into disadvantageous positions with her projectile attacks. Her primary weakness is her low health, which necessitates a more cautious approach to combat.

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Doomulus Thyme appears in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! as part of the Blue Faction, the team consisting of Fantendo characters.

Time Breaker
Special Move: Rollback Corruption
Doomulus Thyme creates a vortex of energy and fires it off. Any enemies caught in the vortex will be transformed into older iterations of themselves or more bizarre but basic forms that aren't able to use their Special Moves and their dodge frames are laggier.



  • At 4'11", Thyme is the fourth smallest member of the Doomuli, only behind Doomulus Thunderine (4'07"), Doomulus Revise (~3'00"), and Doomulus Slime (1'02").
  • The various inspirations for Thyme's fighting style and character include Android 21 (Dragon Ball FighterZ), Diavolo and Alessi (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), Dr. Coyle (ARMS), and Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts).
  • Thyme being a rabbit-like creature is an allusion to the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Thyme being from the moon is a reference to the mythical figure of the moon rabbit, present in Far East folklore.
  • The original plan for the original character in No Man's Timeline involved a new protagonist who was a servant of a new deity. This deity would be a neutral one who focused on the documentation of the Fantendoverse and enlisted their servant to travel through time and acquire information regarding missing gaps in the deity's recollection of events. This premise was quickly replaced due to it being basically very similar to the premise of Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
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