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Doomulus Thunderine Male
? Unknown
450 lbs
38 years old Pichu (formerly)


FULL NAME Doomulus Thunderine
POWERS Thunder

Beorn Beam
Red Energy

BIRTHDAY June 21st
OCCUPATION(S) Doomuli Member

Doomy T.


The Doomuli


Beorns, Action Figures, Comic Books


Fenrir of the Flame, Kiva Glaive and the resistance, Doomulus Grime



Doomulus Thunderine is a member of the Doomuli. He was a former Pichu that was abducted into the Doomuli program at a fairly young age, which stunted his brain growth and trapped him into a somewhat childish mindset. He has three main abilities he draws from his expanded torso: Electricity, the Beorn Beam, and Red Energy. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a somewhat weaker Doomuli that could be used as a filler villain, but also wanted to make a Pokemon Doomuli as well as someone to utilize the Beorn Beam attack.

Doomulus Thunderine is a former Pichu turned Doomuli member that has a childish personality due to them being converted into a Doomuli at a very young age. As such, they tend to either spend most of their time playing with action figures or reading comic books. They have a fascination with Beorns and developed an ability known as the Beorn Beam that will transform their opponents into an Beorn for a short time. This is merely for their appearance: the actual ability set of the transformed opponent will become limited and they do not have Descension abilities. They also have thunder and Red Energy attacks.


Doomulus Thunderine is a Pichu with an enlarged torso. Due to their Doomuli nature, they have metallic skin, orange eyes and mouth, and extended limbs. At the end of their hands, they have floating digits similar to Alcyone but in an orange color. Their tail has also been replaced with a stronger, more flexible tail that can support their massive weight. The stomach has three orbs in the front which represent each of the three main powers Doomulus Thunderine pulls from and act as cores that generate his powers.


Doomulus Thunderine is a childish Doomuli that sees fighting as an act of fun, often acting like he's playing with his opponent rather than fighting them. He will cry if he gets hurt and call for other Doomuli to punish his opponent for hurting him. He does not seem to understand the true weight of the organization he works for, and seems barely aware of Doomulus Prime to even follow his orders, often just hanging out with people he finds cool. He likes to play with action figures and recognizes Unten Bluzen and his group through the action figures he plays with. He also reads comic books, usually starring a character named PokéDude.

Despite his childish nature, Doomulus Thunderine is actually much smarter than anyone really gives him credit for, being the person to come up with and actually manage to invent the Beorn Beam. He also has augmented himself several times, barely representing what he was originally. His want to hang around cool people has ended up working in his favor, as he usually has a team of Doomuli working with him, although usually for other agendas.

Powers and Abilities

Doomulus Thunderine has three main attacks that he draws from three different power cores located inside his belly. The yellow core gives him electric powers, which he can shoot in projectile form. The blue core gives him the ability to use the Beorn Beam, which transforms his opponent into a Beorn and limits their abilities to things only Beorns can pull off, minus the Descension ability. The red core allows him to draw out Red Energy, using it to create a Red Energy Hammer that he can beat people with.

Additionally, he has augmented his fingers so he can blast them off and leave explosive impacts when they collide, as well as augmenting his tail so he can bounce off it or do serious slugs with it.

Specific Abilities

  • Yellow Core - This core allows Doomulus Thunderine to draw out electricity and use them in his attacks as projectiles.
    • Thunder Shock - Doomulus Thunderine sends down a bolt of lightning, which can occasionally paralyze his opponent.
    • Thunderbolt - A powerful ball of thunder that Doomulus Thunderine can unleash to deal damage, as well as having a chance of paralyzing his opponent.
    • 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt - By adding the Pikashunium Z crystal into his Yellow Core, Doomulus Thunderine can unleash a devastating version of Thunderbolt. Dealing more damage, this is sure to make most opponents faint after being hit.
  • Blue Core - This core allows Doomulus Thunderine to draw out the ability Beorn Beam.
    • Beorn Beam - This ability allows Doomulus Thunderine to transform his opponents into Beorns, which he finds really cool. This transformation can only be undone by either getting hit with a species beam of the original species that the transformed victim was originally or waiting 72 hours for effects to wear off. This limits most abilities when transformed, as Beorns generally only know the basic elemental abilities and are not especially powerful as a species in those areas. Aura powers are unaffected.
  • Red Energy - This core allows Doomulus Thunderine to draw out Red Energy and use it in his attacks.
    • Red Energy Hammer - Creating a projection of a giant hammer made of Red Energy, Doomulus Thunderine swings it around rather powerfully if a bit randomly. The more blood that makes impacts with it, the stronger it becomes.
  • Steel Tail - This enhanced tail allows Doomulus Thunderine to sit on it and use it in attacks.
    • Pogo Tail - Doomulus Thunderine can bounce on his tail similar to a pogo stick.
    • Iron Tail - Doomulus Thunderine whacks the opponent with his tail, usually breaking armor and lowering defense as a result.
  • Floating Fingers - Similar to Alcyone, Doomulus Thunderine has floating fingers he can shoot at opponents. The impacts explode in a typical orange explosion effect.




The Doomuli

Doomulus Thunderine gets well along with the Doomuli, although he doesn't really understand the organization's goals and motives. As such, he has yet to take over a planet. Despite this, he usually is seen with two or three Doomuli he finds cool and assists on their missions.