Doomulus Sign Male
30s (Mentally and Physically) years old Benefactor
FULL NAME Doomulus Sign

Doomulus Sign is the last Doomuli you wanna see. Especially if you are a Doomuli. He specializes in dealing with traitors, turncoats and troublemakers in the group and has built his entire arsenal around slaughtering his once allies and making sure its as excrutiating as possible for the traitorous scum.


Sign is a Benefactor with quite a bit of visible Doomuli modification, notably a pair of wide shoulder pads as apart of his Verdicator, a shiny purple claw made from the junk metal of Liameno's war ship after Days of Victory and another claw comprised of a myriad of weapons including a laser blade and 2 syringes. He has a long grey tail modified from a suit designed for surviving in the Zeonian underground with a large blade attached to the end. On his face the Doomuli's sigil is etched in and painted on in purple.


Sign is a guy who takes way too much joy in his job. He sees himself as a sophisticated paragon of justice for the Doomuli, purging those who would corrupt their mission when in reality he's a twitchy sadist who will rip you apart for even speaking ill of the Doomuli's goals. He has a stange soft spot for the less fortunate Doomuli who are still loyal, seeing potential in them no matter how crap they are. This cannot be said for those who would abandon or actively sabotage the Doomuli, who are his main targets in his righteous crusade against the inner enemies of the Doomuli.

Abilities and Equipment

Rubigokinesis: A more unorthodox form of elemental control, Doomulus Sign can control rust. This mainly takes the form of increasing the intensity of existing oxidisation or causing rust via contact.

Doomuli Physiology: Sign is a Doomulus, which means his body is modular and can swap out broken parts.

Omniclaw: His left hand was comprised of 4 different claw types including a laser blade that could move a short distance around the hand for extra manueverability, a syringe filled with a chemical that causes drowsiness and partial paralysis in those it infects, another syringe that reverses the previous one's effects and can also serve as an adrenaline shot and finally a regular titanium claw.

Machinabane: The sword attached to his tail, an air filter is attached that is used in conjunction with the blade and his Rubigokinesis to cause extreme amounts of rust in those struck by it. If the blade itself doesn't rip your armour to shreds the rust will soon disintegrate it.

The Verdicator: Sign's preferred weapon, the Verdicator is more akin to a portable torture device that is attached to his back via his shoulder pads and similar plates on his waist. The plates lock onto energy signatures of Sign's choosing and will magnetize them onto the plates, trapping them there. Once locked in Sign will move the plates, forcing the trapped target into a back-breaking position aswell as flooding them with rust. Should the unfortunate soul be left living for too long 3 flat poles in the center will shoot out and painfully force their way through their abdomen, giving them their guilty verdict.


Doomulus Sign is one of the older Doomuli, with most of his history as an organic Benefactor being erased personally. He has shown a zeal for the Doomuli and their cause since his joining, taking particular disdain for those who betray the cause. He was eventually given a more unique position as opposed to the usual job of planet hunting that most Doomuli were assigned to, instead he was to serve as the Secret Police. He was to locate and exterminate any and all turncoats, double agents and spies in the Doomuli ranks, a job he takes extreme pleasure in. His current hunt is Doomulus Grime for his reckless destruction of Zeon.


The Doomuli

Sign is feared by most Doomuli, seen as a de facto boogeyman due to his nature of not interacting directly with other members until they were in his crosshairs. Higher ranking Doomuli fear him less, but it's hard to completely write him off, especially when your faith to the Doomuli wavers...


  • Doomulus Sign is heavily inspired by Tarn and the Decepticon Justice Division in the IDW Transformers comics. He also has some inspiration from Thrawn of the Star Wars series, hence his VA.
  • His arm being made from Liameno's ship was inspired by that weirdly specific fact of Captain Phasma's armour bein gmade from Palpatine's Cruiser in Star Wars, aswell as hinting at something a little later down the road...


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