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Doomulus Samurai ----
Medi Strom
6'7 (In Solid Forme)
180 lbs
23 years old Oceanian (Formerly)


the Bloodsoaked Shogun Doomuli
FULL NAME Doomulus Samurai ----
Medi Strom
POWERS Oceanian Psuedo-Physiology, Bonded to the Muramasa
BIRTHDAY 30th of December

The Bloodsoaked Shogun


The Doomuli (member of)
Doomulus Domine (Close Ally)


Combat, Blood, War Trophies


De-Escalation, Being Disrespected, Guns


Doomulus Samurai is an Oceanian Doomuli. Monikered the "Bloodsoaked Shogun Doomuli", Sam is one of the most violent and merciless Doomuli, abetted by her connection to the Dark Galvan Artifact, the Muramasa.


Samurai's body is made up of nanites, creating the effect of a pitch black crystalline structure. Along her body are TRON-style glowing orange lines. In her Solid Forme she also often wears a dusty cloak, though this is often discarded during combat then retrieved.


When it comes to her duties as a Doomuli, Samurai is almost all business. She exhibits little emotion or insight, acting with cold malice for anything in her way. What Rare emotion she does showcase is usually to her frequent partner, Doomulus Domine.



Powers and Abilities

Specific Abilities

  • Oceanian-Doomuli Physiology - Samurai's Doomuli body was designed to mimic the abilities of her native Oceanian species.
    • Water Cycle Stages - Like organic Oceanians, Samurai's nanites can re-configure themselves into 4 states based off the Water Cycle.
      • Solid Forme - Default body state. The nanites form a crystalline humanoid body.
      • Liquid Forme - The nanites loosen into a liquid, goopy state. Samurai cannot really attack in any regular way but moves much quicker and can move through smaller gaps.
      • Mist Forme - The nanites disperse into a ghostly form, which can pass through some objects like wire mesh and even enter people's bodies.
  • Expert Swordsmanship - Doomulus Samurai is a deadly wielder of the blade, which is boosted by her robotic precision and strength.
  • Muramasa - Samurai wields the Dark Galvan Artifact known as the Muramasa. It's blade is lined with Abyssal energy, which is drawn from those it kills. It has a blade hidden in its hilt that will strike its user if its Abyssal supply runs low.
    • Judgement Cut - She swings the blade rapidly, leaving after-images of the blade made of Abyssal. Upon sheathing the blade the after-images explode.



The Doomuli

Doomulus Domine

The two Doomuli have a close bond, akin to that of siblings. Domine seems to be the only one of the Doomuli that Sam truly trusts, and they are often paired together on missions because of it.

Trophy Information



  • Doomulus Samurai's main inspirations are Jetstream Sam from Metal Gear Rising: Revengance and Vergil from Devil May Cry.
  • Sam marks the first appearance of an Oceanian in New Fantendoverse lore in roughly 3 years, as the last one was wayy back in 2016's Fantendo Sports Resort.

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