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Doomulus Saline Female
Classified lbs
444 years old Namicean (formerly)


FULL NAME Doomulus Saline
POWERS Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Strength, Claws
BIRTHDAY August 25th
OCCUPATION(S) Doomuli Member

Crab Commander
Big Meaty Claws


The Doomuli


Beaches, Doomulus Prime, Collecting


Fenrir of the Flame, Kiva Glaive and the resistance, Doomulus Grime



Doomulus Saline is a member of the Doomuli. She was a former Namicean that was abducted into the Doomuli program, where she found she thrived in serving Doomulus Prime's needs to collect various items. She is a high commander in the Doomuli, taking orders from Doomulus Prime and Fenrir of the Flame personally. She has six limbs and mainly fights physically, similar to Doomulus Thai. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a new Doomuli as well as to add further background into some of the other Doomuli characters.

Doomulus Saline is a former Namicean turned Doomuli member that hates being seen as weak. She will bully anyone who complains about her and will resort to dirty tactics and doing hypocritical things in contrary to her own beliefs if it means winning and being the stronger fighter. Despite this, she has her softer side and is genuinely fascinated by material objects, collecting pearls on her trips to find objects representing events in Doomuli history.


Doomulus Saline is a four legged humanoid with crab-like legs and arms, featuring large crab claws. She has orange eyes just like most Doomuli, and she additionally has a solid metal sheet of "hair" that she uses for steel headbutts. She wears a black jacket that features orange on the sleeves. She also wears a two piece outfit, with her chest being a additional layer of metal. She has a shaved-off raw rock perched on her shoulders as some kind of shoulder guard.


Doomulus Saline is a ruthless combatant that has no allegiance to anything but the Doomuli code. She is an absolute bully at times, making fun of her subordinates for being less powerful and less important than her, and will beat them down if they dare to complain about her to her face. She considers anything outside of the Doomuli code to be a sign of weakness, and only cares about those willing to switch sides and join the Doomuli cause. She is fully committed to obeying any and all commands of Doomulus Prime, and takes his message about preserving the universe very seriously.

When not around others that would care about her Doomuli nature, she is actually quite nerdy about material objects, valuing pearls and collecting them for her own personal collection. She considers this part of Prime's plan as he wants her to collect pieces from every major battle that the Doomuli are involved in.

She is ashamed about showing any sign of weakness, partially because the Namicean species is a notably fragile one, with their sand surfing ability being considered a skill they developed through evolution to hide from predators. As such, she rarely feels the need to use this ability unless she feels she is loosing. Additionally, she refuses to use Hyper Mode or any kind of non-Doomuli relegated boost to her power. Rather hypocritically though, she will use these "cheats" if she feels she is losing a major battle.

Powers and Abilities

Doomulus Saline is quite a skilled fighter, able to use all six of her limbs rather effectively in combat. She uses primarily her giant claws (infamously referred to as "big meaty claws" by Nycho and Obena) to attack, as well as using her hardening "hair helmet" to slam into foes she brings airborne. She also has the ability to sand surf, although she shies away from using this ability unless she is losing. The thought of being a failure eats her up, so she will typically use dirtier tactics when losing, although she does fight fair otherwise.

Specific Abilities

  • Crab Claws - Doomulus Saline's main weapon of choice, she uses this to slug punches and snap at opponents, often using it to crush weapons like guns and swords.
  • Hair Helmet - Using her "hair", Saline can harden it to do devastating headbutts that send opponents flying back.
  • Sand Surfing - A hold over from her Namicean base, Doomulus Saline can quickly pop in and out of sand, traveling quickly under the ground and popping out for attacks. She doesn't like to use this ability as she feels it is a cheat and it was created from her evolved ancestors to avoid predators.
  • Doomuli Genetics - Doomulus Saline, like all Doomuli can swap out the parts on their body to add additional weapons and features.




The Doomuli

In general, Doomulus Saline is somewhat high ranked in the organization and has complete loyalty to it. She scolds anyone who strays away from the Doomuli code, and has great respect for Doomulus Prime. She however, is rather mean and rude to her subordinates and beats them up if they complain about her.