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Doomulus Domine
Nachwort (formerly)
340 lbs
??? years old Rav (formerly)


the Aura Killer Doomuli
FULL NAME Doomulus Domine
Nachwort (formerly)
POWERS Abyssal, Solar Absorption, Trick Blades

The Aura Killer


The Doomuli (member of)
The Merry King (Harbringer Of)




The possibility of being discovered, Saixra, Electricity


Doomulus Domine is a member of The Doomuli who moonlights as the Harbinger of the Elder God The Merry King. Formerly a Rav, He utilizes their biotechnology for his robotic form. His status as a Harbinger also bestows him with Abyssal energy, it's nature giving him the nickname of "Aura Killer".


Domine looks unique amongst the Doomuli, due to his biotechnological exoskeleton. This makes him look more organic than most Doomuli, though still distinctly of their ranks with the orange lights.


Domine is a very prideful man, but can back up his trash talk thanks to his power. While an accomplished member of the Doomuli his belief in their goals is hollow as he is only there at the secret command of his true master, The Merry King.



Powers and Abilities

Specific Abilities

  • Abyssal - The eldritch energy of unlife. His Abyss is, like all Harbingers, the space between Universes. These attacks will damage the aura of their targets temporarily, potentially permanently if done to extremes.
    • Deadlight - Domine has Abyssal energy flow throughout his body, seeping out of his eyes, mouth and wounds and staining his body. This makes him stronger, but his mental functions degrade temporarily which causes him to fight in a berserker-like state. This also serves as a beacon to any and all eldritch beings nearby, which can be telling of the true nature of his power to those in the know.
  • Solar Absorption - Domine's biomechanical body absorbs solar energy in vast quantities, powering his normal functions but also building up an excess of energy for attacks. While he gains this passively from the sun he can absorb it much quicker by siphoning it from flora fauna.
    • Solar Flare - A powerful explosion of light that vaporizes material around him sub-atomically. This uses all of his excess solar energy, depleting his resources and shutting off all non-critical functions.
    • Ring of Saturn - Domine forms of a ring of solar energy and flicks it at his enemy, slicing through them.
    • Manuever-S - Domine focuses solar energy into his legs and eyes, increasing his reaction times and the speed they move at in equal part. This allows him to kick precisely at super speeds or dodge accurately.
  • Trick Blades - Domine's main weapons are a pair of hidden blades in his wrists. They are near-imperceptible until unleashed due to their biological material blending in with his exoskeleton.
    • Brightwing - Solar energy explodes from his blade as he plunges it into his target, burning them from the inside.
      • Deadwing - Brightwing used in Deadlight. The Solar energy and Abyssal energy mix to deal massive damage to the target. If their Aura is 'exposed' (using some sort of Aura power-up or charging an attack) It will be severely damaged, possibly to the point of corruption.



The Doomuli

Trophy Information



  • Much as the related Saixra is the Obena equivalent to Reten, Domine can be seen as his Uber-esque antithesis.
    • His original name, Nachwort, is german for 'Finale', matching Uber's meaning 'over'.
    • He is also a Rav, like Uber.
    • He submits to both the Doomuli and an Elder God, opposing Reten's aggressive independency.
    • While Reten is vulnerable to Aura, Domine's toolkit is tailor fit to countering it.

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