A listing of all playable characters in Doom Dome Battle.

Default Characters

Name Description Doom Attack
Always known as a regular high school girl, who did seem a little bit too old to be on one. However when the catastrophe happened and Joshua was getting cornered she revealed to be his guardian angel. On orders of Michael she has to make sure that the demons go back to where they came from.

Divine Intervention

Amaya splits her sword in two pieces and forms them into nails. She shoots those at the opponent hitting them in the palm of their hands and sends them backwards. She then summons a giant crucifix from the sky to which the opponent is pinned to. Lastly light will shine down so bright that is massivly damages the opponent.

If it KO's them their lifeless body keeps hanging there like Jesus did.

Anton is a large muscular man who lived on his own in Wildefort. Once the disaster hit he went outside with an axe and backpack with supplies. Between the wreckage he finds Milli whose parents died during the catastrophe. Azuma takes her along with him promising they would get out safe. During their journey they slowly begin to bond and feel like father and daughter.

Zombie Apocalypse

When initiated zombies suddenly start to come and run from nowhere. Anton & Milli destroy the zombie's while the opponent gets eaten alive by them.

If it KO's them it will reveal the body teared up by the zombies.


Barbatos - Swap.png

One of the devils in the court of Lucifer. He is a jester who wields a trumpet as weapon and also attacks with musical notes. He can talk to animals, tell the future and lead men to treasures of magic users. He goes to the surface to have some fun with the humans.

Virtue of Luck

Barbatos grabs a treasure chest that keeps shacking. He opens the chest in a familiar fashion and steps aside. A giant black hands grows out of the chest and grabs the opponent pulling them in. The chest shakes tremendously and the opponent is thrown out afterwards all beaten up.

If it KO's them the chest doesn't release them, but blood will overflood from it instead.

Bibo the Clown - Swap.png

Bibo the Clown - Alt.png

An obese clown who seems to act very strange, switching from a happy-go-lucky clown who acts very childish to a depressed homicidal clown. He is bipolar and has a split personality which causes these behaviors. Fights usually trigger his homicidal personality.


Bibo's homicidal part takes over so bad that he almost looks demonic. Many balloons start falling from the ceiling making the player unable to see Bibo. The balloons all explode releasing blood from them and Bibo is behind his opponent and stabs them in the back all the way through their body.

If it KO's them their organs will fall out when Bibo stabs through them.

The count of an old manor atop of a hill in the outskirts of Wildefort. He lives there alone and undisturbed, only going out to suck the blood out of attractive men at night. Once the catastrophe hits he is quickly disturbed by the commotion and finds out that his stock is getting depleted.

The Blood Moon

A red moon, also known as the blood moon, ascends to the sky. Hendrick approaches the opponent seductively them seeingly hypnotized by his look. Hendrick then starts to stick his fangs into them and slowly drains the blood out of their body in an erotic and dramatic fashion.

If it KO's them Hendrick keeps sucking till the face loses color and is as thin as possible before dropping it on the ground.


Cyberno.α - Swap.png

Usually simply called Alpha, is a gynoid robot who hails from the future. She was sent to the past to prevent a terrible fate from happening in the future and needs to take down the future head of the government, only has to discover by what personality he went by in the past. She however finds herself at odds with other robots.

Time Lapse

Alpha opens a time portal and the giant killer robot from Pyrotic than will take over the world in the future steps out. It aims its laser at the opponent and fire a beam of destruction upon them.

If it KO's them only their ashes are left behind on the ground.


Ex.no.116 - Swap.png

Ex.no.116 - Alt.png

A mysterious and dangerous being that was locked up in a place called area 69 in the outskirts of Wildefort. The thing managed to escape during the catastrophe, killing many in its way and now heads into the city to cause chaos without reason.


Ex.no.116 starts to grow its limbs forming into a giant mass of goo-like substance. It devours the opponent and jumps into a pit filled with spikes, him not receiving damage but piercing the opponent. It spits them out afterwards.

If it KO's them a bloody, mangled up body is spit on the ground.


Fakir - Swap.png

A lone traveller who made his way into Wildefort where he decides to stay for some time. However he is caught in a catastrophe and is unable to leave the place. He wields a magic flute with a djinn inside, Venom. The Fakir tries to survive and maybe find a way out.

Three Wishes

The Fakir releases the entirety of the genie out of its flute. It transforms into a giant golden viper and wraps the opponent in its tail choking them. Afterwards it releases them on the ground.

If it KO's them the viper instead will hold them and bite off the upper half of the body and releases the lower part.

Fat French Penguin - Swap.png

Fat French Penguin - Alt.png

A rather awkward appearance of a penguin. She is known to be of French descent, having been imported to Wildefort quite some time ago. She works at Whoopers, a fancy restaurant, and is in training with the lone samurai Koh. Her husband, also a penguin, gets kidnapped by extraterrestrials for experiments so FFP strives to get him back.

Wild Whoopers


Fluffy Buffy.png
Fluffy Buffy

Fluffy Buffy - Swap.png

When the catastrophe struck one of the extraterrestrial aircrafts landed in the industrial part of the city which caused huge explosions and caused chemicals to land in the water. A little girl dropped her cotton candy in panic which fell into the water. The cotton candy transformed into something which people dubbed, Fluffy Buffy, who now thinks it is the turn for humans to get eaten.

Cotton Candy Spider



Gaz - Swap.png

A half-breed of a vampire and a human. He is known for his gracefulness and charming attitude yet feared for being a hybrid but makes up for the perfect vampire hunter. He talks with Barbatos who tells him of one of the possible futures in which most of the human population has been turned into vampires and demons roam the surface with the cause of it being Hendrick. Along his journey he discovers a terrible secret about his parents.

Waltz of the Damned


Pindar is the head of the Illuminati which conveniently resides underneath the city of Wildefort. Unbeknownst to many the leader is a female who possesses the ability to control minds and has an array of ancient artifacts with mystical abilities at her disposal. She intends to make a deal with Lucifer and bring the extraterrestrials to her side.

Illuminati Confirmed



Gorge - Swap.png

One of the extraterrestrials who made his way to Earth. He is ranked as one of the toughests warriors possessing a huge mouth on his belly, which has a little mouth in it as well. He is looking for the most peculiar species to take back to homeworld to experiment with and breed new kinds of extraterrestrials to expand their armies to conquer planets.

Baby on Board


An Indian woman who owns her own Indian restaurant in Wildefort. She has lots of success and is listed as one of the best places to go to as tourist in Wildefort. She is very dedicated to her restaurant thus when the catastrophe hits she does everything to protect it.

Today's Special


Jersey Devil.png
Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil - Swap.png

The infamous Jersey Devil, a world champion in Mexican wrestling. He is actually called Juan Devos and takes residence in Wildefort. The secret behind his success is that he in reality is a Jersey Devil who sold his soul to the Devil to become a human and professional wrestler. Now that Hell’s gates are open he strives to get his soul back.

The Jersey Devil


A regular high school boy who attends Wildefort High, the school where most teens go to. He lives a rather normal live and seems to bored by everything. However it turns out that his best friend Amaya is a guardian angel, that he has an obsessive stalker, and adding to all that he has a dark past that he won’t talk about until the plot says him to do so.

Touched by an Angel


A bounty hunter for hire who lives in her own spaceship in space. As she was chilling she saw extraterrestrials flying by and decided to follow them to Wildefort. There her communication was cut off and she crashed into industrial area. She now is hunting for the leader of the extraterrestrials to make them go away.




Ladilika - Swap.png

Residing somewhere in the Underworld, she is a gorgon who is the lover of Lucifer. Like other gorgons she has the ability to turn things into stone in a certain radius and has a haircut of snakes. She heads to the surface to return Rokukai for her lover so he will love her more.

Heart of Stone


Lieutenant Vexok.png
Lieutenant Vexok

Lieutenant Vexok - Swap.png

The lieutenant of the invading extraterrestrials on Earth. Most of the time she resides inside of the mother ship, however she gets chased out of it by Justin Bailey and is stranded on the surface where she tries to find their king. She however quickly learns that being a field soldier of an invasion isn't quite the same as in the past and struggles with the opponents she encounters. Luckily she is tall and has two extra pair of arms to guide her along the way.

Anal Probe



Lucifer - Swap.png

The ruler of Hell, a devil known by many names, but in this game goes by Lucifer. He is the father of Rokukai and Amaya and at first casually keeps laid back in his realm until intruders enter. When this happens he decides to put a stop to it and fast-forwards the destruction of the surface.

Seven Deadly Sins



Lucius - Swap.png

A wanderer between planets which none of them he calls home. He wields the power to manipulate plasma, a substance he can conjure from anywhere. He finds himself in Wildefort by accident and tries to team up with people who seem to have good intentions only to leave them after an amount of time.

Plasma Laser

Lucius charges up and releases a giant laser made from plasma like a Kamehameha from the palms of his hands.

If it KO's them only their skeleton is left which collapses on the ground.

Mai Waifu.png
Mai Waifu

Mai Waifu - Swap.png

Mai Waifu - Alt.png

An obsessive stalker girl who has a huge crush on her fellow classmate Joshua Tamashii. Once he heads out to save the day with Amaya, she gets extremely jealous and swears to kill Amaya to be with Joshua, and also kill anyone in her way of doing so.



Mama Kitty.png
Mama Kitty
HumanIcon.pngHuman & ExtraterrestrialIcon.pngExtraterrestrial

Mama Kitty - Swap.png

Mama Kitty - Alt.png
Darth Mama

An old lady who lives in the suburban area of Wildefort. She is already very old which causes her dementia. After the extraterrestrials had landed the imperial leader stopped at her house to possess her body as a parasyte. However she confused him with a dog and put him on a leash. Kitty now tries to find the home of the “dog” not realizing the catastrophe.

Senior Driving


Maria Justice - Swap.png

Maria Justice - Alt.png
Statue of Liberty

Maria Justice is a statue that normally would be positioned in front of the court building and represent justice. In reality she is a robot with a stone body who was made with a pure sense of justice. She finds those who are in the wrong and brings them judgement.

The Hand of Justice


Melissa Dust.png
Melissa Dust

Melissa Dust - Swap.png

Melissa Dust is a character who has the ability to control dust-like particles, thus earning the fake last name. She uses these particles (called Cyrilians) to create things such as swords and even motorcycles. Most of her body is made of it as well, so she has the power to manipulate her own body to form her hand into a lance, a gun, etc. Her current mission brings her to Wildefort but quickly finds out she has been tricked.

Dusting up the Place


A fallen angel and loyal henchman of Lucifer. She is more righteous than others and only searches for the souls that are already damned. She is send to the surface by Lucifer to hunt down Rokukai and bring him back but has encounters with multiple damned souls.

Faustian Descend


Mutant Mosquito.png
Mutant Mosquito

Mutant Mosquito - Swap.png

He who once was just but a regular mosquito dived into the chemical waste and transformed into a mutant mosquito. Bloodthirsty for blood he seeks out a place filled with blood to absorb. The mosquito has gained radioactive powers because of the chemical waste.

A Sucker for Blood



NEO - Swap.png

NEO, short for New Entertainment Operator, is a cute tiny robot wade by the government purely for entertainment. However he was used in the battle against the extraterrestrials and demons. He however quickly got distracted and wanted to entertain people. He can make various 3D weapons.



ComputerProgramIcon.pngComputer Program

Pixel - Swap.png


A computer program made by A22 Enterprises who because of neglect of her creators materialized using the Manifester. She has a strong grudge against humanity and is out to destroy them. She has a giant cursor as weapon with which she can perform various actions like copy, paste, cut and delete.



An arrogant rich boy, in a regular high school, who has everything his heart desires but still misses something. When the catastrophe hits he says he is going to exterminate all the pests. He however quickly befriends Rokukai after battling him and they try to figure out how to stop this war together. He slowly learns that money can't buy all through this friendship.



Professor Pyrotic.png
Professor Pyrotic

Professor Pyrotic - Swap.png

The mad scientist who created Terminus X9. He is a member of the illuminati and at first also seems to work together with Pindar. He however has great plans to overthrow her and rule the next generation and create armies of robots for absolute reign and dictatorship. Cyberno.α is on his heels but he strives to complete his mission by collecting alien machine parts to create the most powerful robot ever.

Dimension of Carnage


Red Riding Hood
HumanIcon.pngHuman & AnimalIcon.pngAnimal

Red Riding Hood - Swap.png

Since growing up with wolves, Red has decided to find a life of her own - a human life. She enjoys hunting and is rather good at it, wielding a beautiful axe to do so. One day she wanders into Wildefort, along with one of her trusty wolfs. She comes there with the rumors that her grandmother might be living there and heads out to meet with her, but finds herself caught in the catastrophe.

What Big Teeth You Have



Rokukai - Swap.png

The son of Lucifer, a curious little devil who knows nothing beyond the castle of Hell and the minute the portal is opened to the surface he rushes there to discover a whole new world. He wants to make new friends but quickly get rejected by everyone for being a devil. He however finds a friend in Prince Bucksalot.

Nine Circles of Hell

Rokukai summons nine pentagram circles around the opponent in a 360 degree radius. Out of every circle comes a giant fist which stomps the opponent.

If it KO's them the circles will gather above the opponent and release one giant fist and completely crushes the opponent.

A professional samurai who owns a kendo school. He is a distant relative of a legendary samurai in Japan who was buried in Wildefort. In reality he comes from the past but through a slip in time ended up in the current era. He wants to retain his honor now that he knows he is the only one of his family alive and tries to eliminate the ultimate evil.

Flying Heaven Govern Sword-Style



Spook - Swap.png

Spook - Alt.png

Previously known as Samurai Jin but now as a spirit is referred to as Spook. He is a far away nephew of Koh and tries to uncover what his unfinished business is now that he has been awakened. He has a standard set of ghost powers including but not limited to; flight, invisibility, ghost beams/rays and phasing.

Legendary Awakening


Sumo Simon.png
Sumo Simon

Sumo Simon - Swap.png

A professional sumo wrestler who lives in Wildefort. He is just a simple man who likes to get out of the dome and tries to find various ways to accomplish this. He however crosses paths with the devil, Lucifer, who offers him quite an interesting deal which he cannot decline.

Final Body Slam


A robot that always was kept confined by the government behind thick bars but released now as things became too dangerous. He immediately killed everyone around him and swears to take revenge on the humans, but at the same time is struggling with his feelings his professor.

He'll Be Back


DemonIcon.pngDemon & AnimalIcon.pngAnimal

Tyrant - Swap.png

The infamous Guardian of Hell, Tyrant. He appears as a demon dressed in heavy black armor and glowing red eyes. He has immense strength and doesn’t speak. Along with him is his dog Cerberus who means the world to him. He is supposed to guard the gates of Hell until he suddenly wakes up in an unknown manor.

True Hell-Hound


Ultra Man

Ultra Man - Swap.png

Protector of the innocent. By day going as a regular man by the name of Kenneth Clarkson but in reality is Ultra-Man. He is a macho man why comes from a distant planet but decided to keep Earth safe. With the world now in peril he puts on his superhero alter ego and fights crime.

Outer Space Punch


Vespa Agalma
HumanIcon.pngHuman & RobotIcon.pngRobot

Vespa Agalma - Swap.png

Vespa Agalma is a young woman who has a robotic backpack on her shoulders at all times. In the backpack contains the mind of her boyfriend Adam Ulysses. They work as a power duo, fighting in street battles to test their skills and also maybe help save the world if it comes down to it.

My Lovely Boyfriend


Violet Snow.png
Violet Snow

Violet Snow - Swap.png

An adolescent girl who lost her parents at young age and lives in as a hermit on top of Wildefort’s snowy mountain. She has cryokinesis and heterochromia, meaning she has two different eyes. When she sees Spook roaming around she goes on a search for her parents to get answers on who she is.

Let It Go



Xar - Swap.png

A regular alien who was a stowaway on the mother ship when it invaded. He has no special abilities and thus isn’t combat suited, nonetheless he went to Earth with a laser gun and grabbed a hat from the first man he killed. He looks for a specimen to breed with in order for his child to become the next ruler.

Destroy All Humans!


Unlockable Characters

These characters have to be unlocked in the game.

Name Description Doom Attack How to Unlock

Grim ReaperDDB.png
Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper - Swap.png

Reaper of Souls

Soul Havesting

The Grim Reaper walks up to the opponent and slashes them harvesting their soul. It drags them all over until enough damage is dealt.

If it KO's them he won't put them back in their body but instead send them into the dephts of Hell.

Complete Arcade Mode with all default characters.

ComicIcon.pngCosmic Entity

Soluna - Swap.png

A cosmic entity who watches over Earth. She has the ability to enter the dome, as she does near the end of the story mode. She protects Earth and wants to destroy Wildefort in order to protect the rest of Earth, making a sacrifice for the greater good. She is the final boss of the story mode.

Star Alignment

Soluna rises up into space.She then takes control over Earth and drags it towards the Sun burning the opponent.

If it KO's them a burned body will drop to the ground and evaporate into dust.

Complete Story Mode.

Time Release

These characters are added to the game after a specific time when the game is released. The game will update and add the character to the roster. An additional chapter in Story Mode will be added as well.

Name Description Doom Attack Date of Release


CatBot - Swap.png

CatBot was once a regular stray cat who roamed the streets of Wildefort. However the cat was abducted by the extraterrestrials upon their arrival and taken to their mothership. There they turned the cat into a half-cat, half-robot and dubbed him CatBot. The cat now tries to find its way out of the ship and return to his peaceful street home.

If it fits I sits




Chupacabra - Swap.png

The Chupacabra is an extraterrestrial being that was dropped on Earth a long time ago and coincidentally made its way to Wildefort. It roamed the place for a bit, sipping blood from goats and other animals. He was taken in as pet by Hendrick but now that his real owners are back he is faced with a terrible decision.

Rampage Mode




Hanakatoba - Swap.png

Hanakatoba - Alt2.png
Hatsune Miku

Hanakatoba is a ghost girl who resides in the household of Samurai Koh. She was once a student of Samurai Koh and had a crush on him and thus went into training with him. She however found out that Koh didn't like her at all and in an act of depression commited suicide in his dojo... but that way would stay with him forever. She also was a botanist and in her afterlife has gained control over the flora.

Act of Nature



Shadow ManDDB.png
Shadow Man

Shadow Man - Swap.png

A demonic spirit that resides in the household of several people in Wildefort. He is a tall man who appears as an entirely black person with red glowing eyes. When one looks at him he appears somewhat distorted. He can strike fear into every being and may even possess them. He searches for a vessel to give birth to the Anti-Christ.

Revenge of the Other Side




Urgh - Swap.png

He who once was a regular human. He was an old man who was fishing at the pound of Wildefort when suddenly the aircraft crashed into the industrial area and spilled chemical waste in the lake. His boat toppled and mutated in the water giving him his current appearance. He now is looking for his wife, Kitty, which is the only word he can still speak.

A Waste of Time




عشرة - Swap.png

After hearing of the events going on in Wildefort, of Amaya being the only angel against the multitude of demons, Ten decided to warp himself inside of the dome. There he tries to exterminate the demons using his plates with the Ten Commandments marked on them.

The Ten Commandments



Boss Characters

Boss Characters are important to the story and also fight in the same way as regular character, the only difference is them not being playable characters.

Name Description

Neocat Wildefort.png
Commander Wildefort

He is the mayor of Wildefort and had been preparing the city for all kind of situations although he never expected that there would be an alien invasion and demonic attack all at the same time. He worked closely with Professor Pyrotic to create the dome and an army or robots. However Pyrotic turns against them and sends Terminus X9 to kill him. He however freezes himself for a long time, gets a new body and returns to the past with Cyberno.α to stop the disaster.
One of the many demons residing in Hell, or otherwise called, the Underworld. When he heard about the news of his prince having fled to the surface, and Lucifer sending out Mephistopheles, he decided to go out as well to get the prince back and get a promotion. He managed to find Rokukai, but he was protected by Prince Bucksalot. Valefar fell short and lost the battle being dragged into the Underworld, being demoted to the last circle.
Lake Lucas Monster.png
Lake Lucas Monster
A monster that is rumored to roam around in Lake Lucas. There had been several sightings of the monster but never was confirmed to actually exist. However when the chemical waste had spread throughout the lake he mutated slightly and ascended from the lake. Unlike first it has gone completely crazy and spits chemicals everywhere.



The most loyal friend of the Fat French Penguin. He resided at the zoo as one of its caretakers along with her. He was kidnapped early in the story by Gorge who took a quick descend on the surface. He was taken to his laboratory and his DNA was mixed with that of Violet Snow after her capture. Lil'Pengu then gained ice powers and was turned against Fat French Penguin and Justin Bailey. He fell into a deep slumber afterwards and awakened at the ending.
Sue Mary.png
Sue Mary
30 years ago she was just a young little girl of 11 years old who minded her own business. One day she wandered into the forbidden forest where she encountered Count Hendrick. She went home with him, to play, and felt connected with Hendrick who was very kind to her. Hendrick grew attached to the little girl and decided to turn her into a vampire. Sue Mary's mind grew older, but her body didn't and now she is trapped in her child body for eternity. 
Paimon is one of the demons residing in Hell who is very obedient to Lucifer and ranks very high in his court of demons. He appears as a strong man with a female face. As one of Lucifer's highest in command he has control over the earth, wind and water. While Lucifer was gone he was tasked with protecting the Underworld from any intruders. Amaya Havens eventually managed to reach the throne room where she faced off against Paimon and defeated him.
The administrative angel in Heaven. Yggdrasil quickly noticed the things going on in Wildefort and transported herself there. Like the other angels she went on a quest to stop the demons and finds herself at odd with Rokukai and Prince Bucksalot. Yggdrasil is a powerful angel who can summon the spirits of animals and tames them with her Fauna whip, blessed with holy magic.
King Hapmon.png
King Hapmon
One of the former kings of Egypt who died a very long time ago. King Hapmon was originally stored in the pyramid of his time but was taken from the place and put in the Wildefort National Museum. This caused his spirit to grow angered, but he always had been trapped in his own mind. However when the catastrophe happened his spirit managed to break free and lingered throughout the museum. When Prince, Rokukai and Spook arrived there they battled him and pushed him back into his original home.
One of the many extraterrestrials that landed on Earth. Like Gorge, Zorks is a soldier with an exceptional power, him being able to use psychokinesis. He however is not loyal to his majesty and wants to overthrow him. When Vexok goes to the surface Zorks takes control over the mothership until confronted by Mama Kitty.
An invention where Professor Pyrotic has been working on for the last year. Ragnorok is a giant robot, the size of a large building who was built for mass destruction. Pyrotic is busy with the final steps of its completion in the story. Commander Wildefort returns to the past to stop him duo to Ragnorok being the reason of the world's declining and Pyrotic dictatorship. Ragnorok is eventually completed and set free but was eventually defeated by a group of heroes in Wildefort, thus stopping Pyrotic from taking over.
The first wife and lover of Lucifer and mother of Rokukai. She was the love of Lucifer's life and is said to have brought shame into the world when she convinced Eve to eat the apple. Lilith however proved to be too powerful for Lucifer and together with Tyrant they managed to lock her up in Pandora's Box which was safely stored on Earth which eventually fell into the hands of the Illuminati, while Rokukai heads out to find it. Ladilika was most likely a lover of Lucifer because she resembled Lilith. Lilith has powerful demonic powers.
The God of the Illuminati who was also created the founder of the Order of the Illuminati when it first was made in the late 1700's. After he died he lingered between planes never being able to come to ours but watched over Earth, Heaven and Hell. He communicated with the pindars planning for them to bring him back to their plane to restore order. Throughout the story Giselle manages to cast him to our plane.
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