Doom Crossing
The game's logo.
Developer(s) Bethesda Game Studios
ID Software
Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Shooter
Series Animal Crossing
Predecessor Animal Crossing New Horizons (Animal Crossing)
Doom Eternal (DOOM)
Release Date(s) April 20, 2069
Age Rating(s) E10+
Media Included Cartridge
Cost $59.99

Doom Crossing is a crossover between Nintendo's family-friendly life simulation series, Animal Crossing, and Bethesda Game Studio's and ID Software's edgy, adult shooting game, DOOM. This game is a mix of both shooting and life simulation. It will be released on April 20, 2069 for the Nintendo Switch.


Isabelle is a mayor on an island known as Tortimer Island. She ends up being very busy that she accidentally falls asleep during the job. Meanwhile, all of the residents and creatures living on the island get sucked up from under the ground. All of the residents and creatures living on the island are turned in to demons who were sent to Hell. How this all happened is unknown as of right now. The next day, Isabelle wakes up after falling asleep. She takes a step outside and notices everyone in the island is gone. She goes to investigate when she suddenly sees a black hole appearing from the ground. She gets sucked in where she ends up in Hell. Isabelle, confused, sees a man. This man is the one and only Flynn Taggart, or otherwise simply known as the Doom Slayer. Isabelle greets herself to Doom Slayer where she asks where she is and what is happening. Doom Slayer doesn't say anything, referencing the fact that Doom Slayer is a silent protagonist. Isabelle notices that all of the residents have been turned in to demons. Doom Slayer gets ready to bring out his gun, however, Isabelle tells him that they are her friends and must bring them back through "family-friendly means". Isabelle instead gives Doom Slayer a toy gun, which upon using, can send out many different types of furniture and items to place. Each toy gun has a different item to place down. The items are what helps bring back the residents from being demons. As such, Doom Slayer and Isabelle work together to bring back her friends and discover why that black hole is their and get rid of it once and for all.

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