These are different things that were going to appear in Doodlemen RPG, but were removed for different reasons.


The game was originally called Stick Men RPG, as a working title, but was soon revealed as Scribble RPG instead. Even later in development, the game was somewhat confirmed as Scribblemen RPG (which was changed because it was to much like the recent game, Scribblenauts), but later was canceled. It was then thought that the series itself would also be called the Scribblemen Series. Much later, the game was put back in development, and officially confirmed as Doodlemen RPG.

In the final version, the logo was changed.

Appearances of Dudle and Dudlette

In the original version of the game, Dudle and Dudlette had completely different designs. For one thing, they were less detailed and very basic. For one thing, Dudle's hair was yellow instead of black and Dudlette's was pink. The most obvious difference was that their eyes were the same color as their hair, as well as Dudlette's hair not being as detailed as in her final appearance. In this way, they looked more like hand drawings.


The game featured many enemies that were totally original. The confirmed were: Lednick (a pencil enemies that was renamed to Pensharp), Erashear (an eraser enemy), Shirterror (a shirt enemy), Panterror (a pants enemy), Haterror (a hat enemy), and an unnamed pencil sharpener enemy. Artie was also going to be called Art E. Stikk (a pun a artistic).


Originally, the artworks in the game were more like the ones in the McBoo Series. They were more choppy that appeared to look a lot like the in-game sprites. The new ones were less-choppy and had better lighting.

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