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This is a fan game idea made by McBoo-Blitzman.
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Doodlemen RPG's official boxart.
Developer(s) EEA Inc. Logo on Cases.png
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo DS Logo.png
Genre(s) RPG, Drawing
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png September 24, 2010
25px-Flag of USA.png October 3, 2010
25px-Flag of Europe.png October 30, 2010
25px-Flag of Australia.png November 19, 2010
Mode(s) 1 Player
Age Rating(s) TenUp.jpg
Media Included DS Card

Doodlemen RPG is a game idea for the Nintendo DS game, created by McBoo-Blitzman. It is an RPG, where stick figures battle inside a sketchbook. Dudel and Dudlette, the two playable characters, are not customizable. However, game makes use of the DS touch screen, letting the player draw various things to assist the characters.

The game was set to be the first in the Doodlemen series. A Wii game titled Doodlemen Journey: Sideways Quest was ultimately cancelled.


The gameplay is similar to the Mario & Luigi series. It is a turn-based RPG, but attacks from enemies can be dodged by jumping or countering. Some enemies can be jumped on or punched, while others must be defeated with a weapon.

All weapons throughout the game can be customized as the player retrieves more of Artie's stolen ink. Some things on the overworld must be drawn for the characters to progress, such as a bridge to cross Paint Lake. The story outside of the sketchbook world is shown through cutscenes with still images and text.

The characters will each level up throughout the game. Some aspects of the story will change based on whether Dudel or Dudlette is leveled up more. The stronger will become more of a leader and protect the weaker. However, this doesn't affect the game's ending.


A young boy named Drew hopes to one day become a great artist. As an adult, Drew presents his drawings to Nintendo, but receives a letter of rejection. Heartbroken, he rips a page from his notebook and scrunches up a drawing of some characters he created for a video game.

One of Drew's colleagues, Artie, decides to steal the artwork and pass it off as his own. The player, who also works for Drew, overhears Artie’s plan and decides to stop him. The player uses ancient ink to bring the characters on the scrunched up paper to life.

The world inside the paper is nothing but a blank void and two stick figures. The player communicates with them, learning that they have some knowledge about themselves based on how Drew created them. They are brother and sister, and their names are Dudel and Dudlette Drawson.

Suddenly some scribbled zombies appear on the paper. The player realizes the ink and Drew’s notebook were stolen by Artie. The player draws weapons for Dudel and Dudlette, helping them defeat the enemies. Artie wants to destroy the stick figures so he can pass off Drew’s ideas without any interference from them. The player draws a door, leading Dudel and Dudlette to a new sketchbook and draws a city called New Canvas. It is populated by round creatures, known as Sketchies. The city is ruled by King Kanvas.

Meanwhile, Artie creates some new foes, including Lord Shavings (a villainous pencil sharpener), and his smart yet bumbling assistant, Ferd the Nerd. Together, they are able to open the locked door to the player’s sketchbook. New Canvas is invaded by Artie’s creations, throwing everything into chaos. Since Artie can’t draw directly in the player’s sketchbook, he uses the ancient ink to transport himself into the drawing world. Using the last of the ink, Artie creates an item called the Rubolet. This gemstone gives him the power to stay inside the sketchbook and sustain his creation.

Dudel and Dudlette begin their quest to find the Rubolet and restore New Canvas. With Artie’s influence, the world inside the sketchbook expands.

The player is finally able to locate Drew. Their creator watches as the Drawsons defeat Lord Shavings, Ferd, and Artie, retrieving the Robolet. This transports Artie out of the sketchbook. Confronted by Drew, Artie apologies for trying to steal his ideas. The stick figure siblings tell the player they had so much fun on their adventure. They thank Shavings and Ferd for the intense battle. Shavings agrees that it was fun, remarking that maybe they can share this world after all.

The ancient ink begins to wear off and all the drawings in the player’s sketchbook become inanimate. Drew is impressed by the story that was created by the player and Artie. He asks if they want to collaborate on an indie game that combines all their ideas. The player can choose to accept this offer or not. If the player declines, Artie will decide to create a game with his own ideas. Either way, Artie realizes the joy of creating original characters and worlds.

In a post credits scene, the Rubolet activates within the sketchbook, implying the drawn characters will be brought back to life.



Playable characters:

  • Dudel Drawson - A reckless, yet fun-loving stick figure that enjoys fighting alongside his friends.
  • Dudlette Drawson - The hyperactive older sister who loves to fight as much as her brother.
  • Penpup (optional) - A lost dog that can be recruited into your party. She will level up when fed treats.

Non-playable characters:

  • Sketchies - The people that inhabit the land of New Canvas, playful and carefree.
  • King Kanvas - The king of New Canvas sends helpful letters to the Drawsons on their quest.
  • Lord Shavings - The leader of the Chalk Kingdom. Hopes to rule New Canvas one day. Likes to keep things sharp.
  • Ferd the Nerd - A smart, but bumbling apprentice of Lord Shavings. He would be the weakest enemy if it wasn't for his technology.
  • Scribbill: Despite being created by Artie, Scribbill will sell ancient ink back to the Drawsons. His shop is somewhat sketchy. Most things are highly overpriced.


  • Drew - A man with the heart of a child. He created Dudel and Dudlette as a kid.
  • Artie - A greedy man on a quest to be famous by ripping off other's work.
  • The Player - You. An artist that loves to draw and create things, like cities. The player's name is chosen at the beginning of the game.


There are ten main areas (excluding the first level), and one bonus level.

  • Drew's Discarded Paper:
    • The first level in the game. A blank void that includes a single door to a new world.
  • The Player's Sketchbook:
    • New Canvas - The home of all Sketchies and stick figures. This city is very safe and orderly, and also highly customizable. Even after the game's ending, the player can continue to upgrade it.
    • Canvas Road - The path adventurers follow. Many baddies to fight and treasure to collect.
    • Paint Lake - A peaceful flowing river of paint. It's a great place to customize the color of your weapons.
  • Artie's Outskirts
    • Sandpaper Desert - A wasteland filled with quicksand and a secret entrance to underground ruins. Penpup can to recruited here
    • Tablet Ruins - Ancient ruins of science of technology, built by Ferd the Nerd. Incorporates the unique world of digital art.
    • Highway Heights - A fast-paced freeway, with road-raging Car-Nivores. Everyone is in a hurry, and for good reason.
    • Pen Blot Pipeline - An underground maze of sewage with strange mutated enemies.
    • Snowtown Square - Yet another town, only this one is covered in snow. Strangely, citizens don't seem to mind the snow beasts.
    • Ungle Jungle - This jungle is a crazy one. Enemies are rare, since the flora is highly dangerous.
    • Chalk Volcano - A medieval kingdom built on an active volcano. The home of Lord Shavings and the location of the final battle.
    • Crayon Rainbow - A secret world with difficult enemies, puzzles to solve, and highly valuable treasure.

Beta Elements

Main Article: Doodlemen RPG/Beta Elements


  • Drew's and The Player's faces are never shown. Artie's is the only human who's face is seen.
  • During the month of December, in Snowtown Square, Sketcha Claus (based on Santa Claus), will appear and give the players free items.





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